A #Valentine poem sent to us from Mike. We're feeling the #love - Happy Valentine's Day!
  • otterboxA #Valentine poem sent to us from Mike. We're feeling the #love - Happy Valentine's Day!

  • spensersmaleK I have a question I recent ally bought a otter box online!! And then not even 2 days of me having it it started to peal and now it it like wrecked will otter take it back if I send it back??
  • cassidiandbelleWill u follow me @otterbox
  • maggie_mauck@spensersmale Are you sure it's Otterbox brand? If it is not an Otterbox, it will do that. Does your phone case have an pattern on it?
  • spensersmaleNope it's the pink and white otter box and yes it is otter box I have had it for 4 days and it is like completely worn out same with my sisters she got the same one but in blAck and they are both worn beyond shreds @maggie_mauck @otterbox
  • nabil_c.16I think Otterbox is amazing but I love lifeproof even more
  • ben_hammond_I love my commuter wallet case!
  • maggie_mauckThat's strange and unusual. The rubber usually tears but my otter box is completely fine and keeps my device protected. Idk @spensersmale
  • spensersmaleYeah I thought so too @maggie_mauck
  • charles_cortez16Hey otterbox my screen protector that i bought is Broken can u guys send me new one
  • eunesIt makes snese to protect it? Lol cmon guys
  • otterbox@spensersmale That seems strange. Please contact our CS team at 855.688.7269
  • otterbox@ben_hammond_ That's great!
  • spensersmaleThanks @otterbox
  • otterbox@charles_cortez21 We'd be happy to help with that. Please contact our CS team at 855.688.7269
  • sam12113Are you guys coming out with the armour series for iPhone5c? If you are when will that be out??
  • otterbox@sam12113 We don't have plans to expand the Armor Series line, but we'll let you know if that changes!
  • kduff38@otterbox can you make the plastic shell on the defender fit the iphone 5 better? Mine moves around and has trapped dust in it and scratched my phone.
  • otterbox@kadoof38 Your phone shouldn't move around inside the plastic case. Please contact our CS team for a replacement: 855.688.7269
  • charles_cortez16My phone cracked inside of an otterbox and i took care of it and im just wondering if you could do anything
  • jazzers.deeDo u hv for note3?
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