Ummmm no'
  • feliceherrigUmmmm no'

  • urefaceThat's just stupid.
  • zoolandercz@wallymoore25772 it'll be like what they wear on TUF. They can pick the style but not the designs or sponsors. The idea is do that under card fighters won't struggle to find sponsors.
  • monstruo_5150Oh hell no we as Americans have the right to wear what we want. This better be a joke Dana!!!!
  • suga_shins😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • allaboutbillionsThat's retarded
  • aaronlgramzaThat is an awful idea
  • priscillacavazosUm wtf?
  • __s_a_r_g_e__There would have to be MAJOR compensation made to fighters to justify this. This is how some pay the bills with sponsors rather than having to work a SECOND job while training. Fighters better Unionize!
  • evo_08Soooo no more basketball shorts with the tag still on them in the cage huh....damn
  • feliceherrigUmmmm I design and custom make all my weigh in and fight outfits so for me this is a very big deal and a very big part of my brand and image
  • tommyknocker24Then stick to the smaller orginizations. If you fight in the @ufc you play by their rules.
  • feliceherrig@tommyknocker24 Paha you clearly don't know how this business works. A lot of fighters like myself get paid more money from sponsors and a lot is based on marketability and mother style I bring to weigh ins and also the fights. Taking that away takes a lot away from what they are trying to do as far as getting people hooked to wmma
  • feliceherrig@tommyknocker24 it's called business and regardless of what some people might think there is a lot more to a fighters business than just the act of them playing their sport.
  • sincity1994Exactly felice.u girls make more money from your sponsors then most fight purses.also it represents who u r, and why us your fans love u so much.this isnt the nfl or nba, I think dana is just trying to take more money from the fighters.
  • enriquez1984I understand it's a big change but is it that big of a deal. I mean the women in UFC right now I are trying to start something for the future if this is what you have to do you gotta do it for the future. Why not?
  • randomolddudeSounds like the UFC wants that sponsor money.
  • attikaiSo stupid.
  • nicdali:( takes the individuality out of it IMO but I'm sure they hav a good reason
  • razortaggerI'm with you, Felice! They should let you design new ring girls outfits too! This isn't a communist state! Cro-Cop and Shinya Aoki have their signature shorts too, and it should stay that way!
  • razortaggerCandlestick Park is called 3Com park now, guys. Same deal.
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