Dear followers: We think you're the sweetest. #HappyVday 🍭
  • sephoraDear followers: We think you're the sweetest. #HappyVday 🍭

  • makeup_lover0I have sample PRADA CANDY perfume! Really really loved it 😍❤️❤️❤️
  • ias___9لها فروع بالمدينه
  • karakalemyagmurMükemmel
  • lailah.fournier@keshialilly I agree with you. this can be copyright because the moment you take the picture, it belongs to you
  • keshialilly@_lailah__ thank you sweetie!
  • utttooma@keshialilly so crappy of them to steal your pictures. I'm disapointed
  • since y'all's names are on the photos they don't have to give you credit... It's already there. If you can read the name clearly then that shows who took the picture. @keshialilly
  • you did the hashtag to get your picture noticed. Since you saw their last photo for mani Friday then you would know they didn't tag people in the caption but instead gave credit with the photo. You shouldn't of used that hashtag if you were just going to complain over it. @keshialilly
  • Telling me I don't know what I'm talking about. Who do you think you are? I wouldn't complain if I got featured on such a big companies Instagram page. Be lucky. You shouldn't complain. Most people can see a watermark and if not there's this thing called zoom you can use if you wanna see who took the photo. It's not like they were claiming it as their own. @keshialilly
  • lualvarDont know what they argue, so silly, and childish.. Go get a life, nobody cares about credit.
  • lualvarOmg!! So sensitive!!!! This is hilarious!!
  • countryyy_timeWow who peed in your Cheerios? @keshialilly
  • countryyy_timeLol she blocked me. Way to go. Really helping yourself out there. 👏👏👏
  • briannabear2233@keshialilly it's called putting your name on your pictures. Its not stealing unless you have legal documentation stating that your work is worth the fuss and tears over. Aka no one cares
  • alessldgI love the perfume prada candy 😍
  • mkog27What is in the little container? @sephora
  • amandafgreenSugar cherry
  • paulibearz😍😍😍😍😍💗💗💗💗
  • sanamkhoshroy@lidahooshyari
  • _anelmorenoPrada candy @dinakaraush
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