At least my best friend/love knows how to cheer me up. ❤️🌹
  • j_evans1219At least my best friend/love knows how to cheer me up. ❤️🌹

  • maceyygirl@mommytogavin72 with all do respect that girl who called you out about not having a life. You can go look on majority of these pictures and you have started an argument with whoever you so choose. I took myself out of the situation last night because it is very immature to start this nonsense on a social media. I understand your a mother to be but for you to sit here and call anyone out on being immature you need to take a glance in the mirror. You think its okay to bash other people but its not everyone has an opinion and you running your shit probably cause that person to retaliate and wish death upon your unborn child. Which is completely not okay but you continue to fuel the fire which also I'd not okay. Quite frankly I think your the one that needs to grow up and be a better role model for your child. Because bullying is not okay and that's exactly what your doing on half of these pictures on Janelle's ig. Like I said every mother is different and they all have there own way of raising there children and just because you do not agree with there lifestyle doesn't make you better or for that matter call anyone out on parenting skills. And you can take this as me comming at you and "bullying " you but I'd say its nothing but the truth and you my child need to grow up.
  • staceym14Your best friend that you've known for a short time. Your kid should be your best friend. That's you, though... Dicks before your son. It's so obvious you only got pregnant to trap Nathan so he wouldn't leave you like all the other scum you dated
  • sweetest_sinx@mommytogavin72 wtf I don't see any comments from Antonios wife or that other bitch damn they both straight up erased all there shit!! Lmao Antonio deleted her page. @xtmra can go fuck herlsef for saying im a bad mother because my boobs are near my son in a picture..ugly ass bitch. Ew.
  • dhite91Why do people bite on your posts so hard like stfu people haha shoot her a txt or somthing write a letter anything but ig sheesh
  • sweetest_sinx@xtmra I am feeding my baby funny you mentioned that! & I would like another one why don't you go fix your face. Thank you.
  • tattdkikiPeople are so negative. Why does one woman got to verbally beat down another woman? Be better than that.
  • snowpea728@sweetest_sinxox lol at whoever said you had your tits pushed up in your kids's called breast feeding....haha
  • sweetest_sinx@snowpea728 thank you! Its not like my nips are out I mean yea maybe I shouldn't have it on ig but I love his little face in that pic. Not to mention my boobs have gotten so big they look like that no matter what I do its embarrassing
  • ladylynch15@sweetest_sinxox your baby is so adorable and chubby. (In a good way) I have a chubby baby too haha
  • sweetest_sinx@cassie_perez thank you! Yea he is very chubby he has rolls everywhere I love it!
  • sweetest_sinx@maceyygirll you sound pretty ratchet yourself talking about her unborn child & her as a mother.
  • chumly_101God ppl need a life all you ppl who bitch at her for doing thing do you really think she gives a flying fuck all you ppl are just low life scums to her
  • breezy19853@mommytogavin72 hope you don't use that language around your don't seem very mature fighting over a stupid picture #just sayin
  • erinsilvernaleThis girl is always causing drama on these pictures. Seriously get a life and quit sitting on instagram arguing over someone you don't even know ^^^
  • erinsilvernaleNo not you. @omgmissmayhem_
  • bri427kellyPretty
  • im__daniellee@mommytogavin72 I see you fighting & arguing with someone everyday on multiple pics of @j_e vans8209 I mean do you have a life or something to do?!?
  • heatherlovexo@foreverlovely_danielle iv seen you on a few now .... 😬
  • im__danielleeYeah but I'm not fighting & arguing with people @heatherlovexo
  • jessiedipietro@dsanders410
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