• hermanmiller💕💐❤️Ray Eames created the typographic treatment for the opening credits of Billy Wilder's 1957 film, "Love in the Afternoon," starring Gary Cooper and Audrey Hepburn. Ray's studies, which are well documented in the @eamesoffice archive, include a whimsical array of sketches using hand-drawn and cut type, ribbons, confetti, and various mixed media—the result of which is pictured above. The Eameses were good friends with Wilder, and in 1956, they designed a chair for the director, which is still in production today, and has subsequently gained the ardor of design lovers the world over. Any Eames fans know which one? #Eames #Love 💐💕
  • orenjousThe Eames lounge chair
  • kyrahartnettTypography for you @kccesiro
  • sixbloomsXoxo @niceandcloudy
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