Happy Valentine's Day
  • officialjldHappy Valentine's Day

  • jewjy2gang#sofunny
  • cazagatto♥♥♥♥♥
  • alexa.wilderrrGorgeous smile ! @officialjld
  • positive_energies_@sandmansam209 looks like Joanne 😳😂
  • wander_luster_1Well just lost all respect I had for u Smh. Blind sheep
  • seinfeld.quoteYour smile is phenomenal @officialjld
  • pleiadianstargoddess@wander_luster_1 instead of judging, we can awaken ✌️☺️❤️ we were once all blinded too. I still love Julia's work though
  • pleiadianstargoddess@wander_luster_1 I actually don't believe in Obamacare or health insurance in the USA. But I don't to attacking people who do. I am born and raised in Canada, currently living in the USA, I see poor people suffering because of the greed. Best we can do is wake people up, not bitch and call them nasty names. Will reply to the rest in a moment
  • pleiadianstargoddess@wander_luster_1 I am more about holistic care anyways, the gov doesn't have the people in it's best interest and neither big pharma: before you judge and assume, please know the whole. Don't take your anger out on others. Awaken and educate: this is our purpose as star fam. ✌️
  • wander_luster_1Wait wait we are agreeing I'm not taking anger out on anyone. I totally agree about big pharma!! I'm sorry i came off that way. I just can't stand seeing these rich stars saying oh Obamacare is the way when Obama doesn't give a rip about them or the poor
  • wander_luster_1@pleiadianstargoddess
  • wander_luster_1@pleiadianstargoddess all I even said was directed to Jld. I called her a blind sheep if that is spreading hate lol then I am so sorry
  • pleiadianstargoddessYour reply to me today is what I was addressing. As for your sarcasm, it's not needed @wander_luster_1
  • pleiadianstargoddessGo ahead and delete your comments before you sound more stupid
  • pleiadianstargoddessIf you can't be genuine don't bother saying sorry. It's fake and unnecessary and the world really doesn't need more people spreading hate instead of awareness . "Lol sorry" is the kind of crap I'm talking about. How old are you lady @wander_luster_1
  • wander_luster_1I'm 40 how old are you? And honestly this little petty argument between you and I is the LEAST of my worries so say whatever it is you think your smart little educated self needs to say. Because nothin you can say will change my world in any way shape or form. This is over as of right now. Go spread your wonderful awareness to other people you have spent much too much of your precious time on me. I have fine through things you couldn't dream of and you think the thjng u say to me make a difference? Really. Talk to me again ben you grow up.
  • wander_luster_1And I deleted my comment on accident
  • wander_luster_1When*
  • wander_luster_1@pleiadianstargoddess
  • wander_luster_1@pleiadianstargoddess I see you live In a game world. Not the real world. Explains a lot.
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