A glimpse of hand-painted leather ahead of the #Burberry A/W14 show #LFW
  • burberryA glimpse of hand-painted leather ahead of the #Burberry A/W14 show #LFW

  • sircastleteeesI mean you can't copy right a desgin of a flower so it dosent matter !!!!
  • sircastleteeesit's crazy you guys are defending someone who puts no money in your pocket it's ridiculous !!!!
  • therealanairb@burberry needs to stop trying to take credit for something that they didn't start! Y'all know damn well y'all went snooping through @yeahlano IG page and got an idea. You can't copy an original ! Be ashamed @burberry...keep doing what you doing @yeahlano, that means you doing something right !
  • evanevanevanh@yeahlano
  • sircastleteees@thatsdopeaf you sound stupid , what about all the other people who drawn flowers before him ? You can't copy right art !!! anyone can do it know your rules and regulations
  • kourtnie.km@yeahlano they copying a original 😡😤
  • aimhigherv5@yeahlano glad you replied
  • therealanairb@sircastleteees I'm simply saying this because @yeahlano has gotten ALOT of attention from from his work by celebrities, news, media sites and we are gonna pretend that @burrberry just pulled this idea yo their ass right ?? Like they haven't seen his work get famous...an idea won't get you credit but it's what you do with it and how far you choose to go.
  • therealanairb@yeahlano might not have been the very 1st to do this but he's grinding HARD and getting his shit seen by ALOT so I feel like his efforts and creativity shouldn't try be be clouded by some rich company who can't afford some original ideas cause looking mighty desperate. *drops mic* ✌️
  • sircastleteees@thatsdopeaf that dosent matter people painted flowers before him !!!! This nigga wasnt the first one to draw a plant !!!! Trust me I desgin sneakers I tried plenty if times to copy right my designs and you cannot do it !!! People can copy if they want they are protected by law !!!! This nigga @yeahlano acting like a thot !! He mad Burberry is about to make that bank off this idea who cares they not cutting this nigga a check he need to get over it
  • princessodette84Painting on a product you didn't create is not original your art is original to you but you paint other designs products! Burberry may have copies the style but u weren't the first to do it ever in history! Get over it when u have a designer label then we can hear it but till then keep creating ur art on others products! sMdH
  • jeffrosekingIts all over now... Lol
  • masss_oud😍😍😍
  • khawla_rashed@hanacollection
  • nellie_blue@trishluvsyoo I think u get it. Now get to work ! Fashion week starts sept 4!!!!!
  • trishluvsyoo@nellie_blue text me we need to get to work
  • tinachlEsto no @frankdominguez
  • universum_and_you#savekimi
  • chocolate_nopereal leather is shit #savekimi
  • kartenhauszerstoert#savekimi
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