So when we agreed the theme was "food head" thought of mixing between the challenge and the #stuffedhair project .. Where i put things in my hair till i cut it.. Also i ve found that cool guy who put stuff in his beard and actually i had some ideas of stuff to put in my hair similar to his .. So any resemblance is just a confluence of ideas.

Time for another #LetsGoOutsideTheBox with my friend @itsbumbledee Where we choose a different theme every two weeks to make a creative shot out of it.
This week's theme was "Food Head". And here's mine. "Spaghetti Head" 
Next week's theme is "Frames". Be creative!
Join us! There's no rules for joining, all you have to do is post a picture related to the choosen theme on Friday every two weeks with us!

See you in two weeks!
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