We are proud to sponsor the 2014 @redhookcrit cycling series starting in Brooklyn this March http://rsg.ms/1cEcgdp
  • rockstargamesWe are proud to sponsor the 2014 @redhookcrit cycling series starting in Brooklyn this March http://rsg.ms/1cEcgdp

  • alberto.torres05Because some people want to join so if you are not doing anything then whats the point
  • turkishroyalewithcheese@purpz_ naw there's only road bikes dude
  • salehaleisai still dont understand the affiliation of R* to cycling
  • brockh_Hello R* I have a quick question for you and please respond back!! I just got the new update for GTA 5 and I spawn in my garage and I take a car out and when I get outside it says I don't have a apartment or a garage and I can't get in unless I find a new match?????!!!?! Can u please help me solve this problem ,Thanks - Xpert Retro
  • brockh_@rockstargames
  • 203finnHey rockstar how about u worrie more about the game that will make nobody like ur games anymore GTA5 bring heist or else u will lose millions or billions of players
  • jack_findlay_@rockstargames why have u patched all the hacks and glitches on gta online so early it sucks
  • ar__siLOve everything u rockstars do, my favourite games is rockstar games, When i was 6 years old i beginned play gta vice city. I finished the story about 24 times adn then san andreas was really cool too, Then i moved on on your new games and now i play Gta 5!!! SO NICE I LOVE U ROCKSTAR KEEP IT, U WILL NOT LOSE ANYONE
  • lumberjackwgn@3lialshai5 the DLC last forever. But the deadline to download it ends at the the end of February.
  • lumberjackwgn@clan15goldie Because of people like you who don't know how to play a great game legit.
  • tbartoli@clan15goldie because cheating is for noobs. Do things legit for once.
  • ebolioli@xbox_god Let them take their time. This game took 4 years to make. The single player is perfected but online is still not. Quit your whining and just wait like the rest of us you ignorant fuck.
  • john.keenlysideYay someone else knows what he's talking about @meowington_zee
  • scareface1970You do a Good job Rockstar with the Red Hook Crit cycling
  • scareface1970It looks like some people don't know that R* does not only games but also sponsoring sports. so peopleyou never get a response here about a game this one is only about the Red Hook Crit Cycling Series.
  • ian.cantu04This will end with a boom boom POW!!!!
  • elineuwirth12Lol didn't it take like a year for the first DLC of gta 4? Stop whining and just enjoy the game
  • ian.cantu041.broncos rule. 2.gimme a copy
  • sooooscarygames@andii_oy
  • maicamcBarcelona👏
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