4 years now... Love my girls so much @riawnacapri @nikkilee901 #901OG
  • selenagomez4 years now... Love my girls so much @riawnacapri @nikkilee901 #901OG

  • alexxisleHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHA @tjaclyn94
  • _.unicorn.freak._<3
  • sarah.alnajjar.snI like that ,love you Selena
  • 0utie🔴 2ed owner needed 🔴
  • happygirl10034I love the your song's
  • sophielouise716I love your songs
  • hannahmcleayx0_Hey Selena I like ur songs but I love ur acting
  • omfgits4shleySelena, ilysfm😭 your my inspiration💞 i have loved you ever since you were on Barney & Friends💘 my friends and i loved you so much that we even played Wizards of Waverly Place at school all the time💓😂 but there was always an argument of who would be Alex (aka you) because that was everyones favorite character/person😊 im basically like a stalker because im on your ig acc almost every single day waiting for you to post😂 i love you so much that i never ever want to see you cry😌 dont let any one get in your way👽 Okey so my birthday is on July🌞🎉🎁 and i dont want a birthday party or a present.... well actually the only present i want is for you to like one of my pictures thats all i want for you to like only😭 i know you so many selenators ask for this but im truly in love with your work💙 Plz Selena plz😭
  • rojingomez_Team turkey my idolll
  • kardashianstrackerStill not stalking
  • selenasmilkBabee
  • f.rodriguez_ivSelena Gomez do u have kik @selenagomez
  • smg.soil😳💕💕😔
  • morayo.bI love u @selenagomez
  • _margot_gdla_💕💗
  • berfin.yildiz62I love you @selenagomez
  • olyakhrytoshynaWow😃
  • gavinobernalYou Look So Wonderful, Beautiful, Adorable, Lovely, & Sweet Selena. Absolutely Phenomenal & Marvelous. Enjoy Your Morning, Have A Fantastic Time, Have Fun, Have A Speedy Recovery, & Stay Strong Selena. Thank You So Much & God Bless You Selena.👑☺️👍🙏🏆💋❤️🌹
  • thedalalhI love u
  • looklike_selenaOh Selena you are so beautiful 💕💓💕💓
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