• shawnoflovesacIn an effort to spread the love to as many as possible this Valentine's Day I'm giving away a @lovesac Footsac Blanket to one of you who passes the love along! This is a one-of-a-kind truly limited edition blanket from our sample room - never mass produced! Footsacs have a foot-pocket at the bottom to keep your toes warm!

    ENTRY IS EASY! Just share something you love about someone and tag them in a comment on this photo. You can enter multiple times by tagging more than one friend but each entry must be in an individual comment. You'll get 1 entry for each different friend you tag.You must also be following my account to be eligible to win the Footsac. Entry starts now and will run through midnight Sunday night (EST). One random winner will be announced Monday morning. Good Luck and Happy Valentine's Day! #lovesac #valentinesday

  • alivmet@shawnynelson #sweforever
  • alivmetI love @yummyeggrolls #sweforever
  • michi007@zhenders I love snuggling with you and @dognamedfriday on our sactional!
  • beadsofchangeashevilleI love your laugh and I love spending my life with you @jeffwinston
  • kacy222@charlemagnez3 Sending you love for being my bestie 3000 miles away!! I'm super blessed to have you in my life! #heartyou 💜
  • kacy222@alanapoulson sending you love cuz I love ya! Thanks for always having my back and being my RSL bestie! #Sistafromanothamista
  • ash_heddy@ma_ressa i want this..you want this too
  • radyclI love this bestie bc we inspire each other to be better!! @fefe473
  • radyclI love this guy for pursuing his dream - following his passion and setting an example! @4mbanna
  • vapeitclassyI love you so much @perfecteagle you are my life
  • vapeitclassyI lylas @lilseeash <3
  • mommasunshine22Love your determination and that you are my bestie! @kristinmazuroski
  • mommasunshine22Love that we reconnected! You are an inspiration @denverleigh
  • toshiobI love @swendling14 because we furnish our apartment with @lovesac goodies every chance we get!
  • melilugli@kara_bernard aww I love u so much! I miss you a lot! !!
  • ghuil7@maythebeautiful i love you because you are my first girlfriend and im so happy that i found the love of my life, and I love when we Cuddle! :)
  • maythebeautiful@ghuil7 I love you because you are the farthest thing I've ever thought I wanted in a man but you are everything I will ever need. Ive always fallen for douche bags, bad boys, and just in general horrible human beings; you are none of these things. You are kind and sweet and precious. You are everything I will ever want and need now and forever and I love when we are just together. Just being in your presence being able to see you, you being close enough to touch that is what makes me happiest But yes, cuddling if amazing as well(: I love you my darling.
  • ghuil7@maythebeautiful aww baby :)
  • tessathetiger@tylertphoto omg Ty there is such a thing as a footsac!!!
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