Meet me in the club, it's goin dooowwn! @jamieandersonsnow #allgoldeverythang
  • kerihermanMeet me in the club, it's goin dooowwn! @jamieandersonsnow #allgoldeverythang

  • sirkus_repaalyolo😍😍😍
  • toufbzhAnd you golden medal ?
  • laurenkaraphotographyI've been skiing since I was 3 and could still never even imagine jumping, going backwards and all those crazy awesome things u do @keriherman u def deserve a drink up there in Sochi!!
  • gera_hooliganМолодец!!! (Россия) :)))
  • canruggerJust dont leave it at the bar lol
  • rsglass1Nice job, Keri. Pride of Minnesota!
  • jenhudakI really just wish I was in Russia to party with you!!
  • poiskySuper!
  • rissaroo1221Congrats! :) I would have loved to been there to watch you!
  • cdrasslerOk... I only skied once in my 50 year old life. You are awesome & an inspiration. Be Well!
  • atmospherer_I like your skiing style !!
  • bren_an_butterI'm yelling timber!
  • gavin.culverGood job Keri sucks that you weren't able to put down a solid run. I watched it till the end
  • ethan_bebbHave u performed in the Olympics yet?
  • satorisochiCongratulation!!!!
  • _nicole_bruns_You went to my elementary school😃
  • krissymalletteSo effing proud -- retained awesomeness amidst global success -- check!!!!!
  • michellehendryxI was watching you ski and thinking about the day we met. And you had to put on nice clothes for standby. You had those super nice dresses on w tennis shoes! Everytime I get the image in my head I can't stop laughing! So proud of you!
  • ava14christineI don't know if you will ever read this, but I was honored to meet you today! Even though I was snowboarding, I learned to ski 3 weeks ago and fell in love. You are so nice and I have an amazing story to tell about meeting you to my friends and family! And Seeing this, Jamie Anderson, my other inspiration I would love to meet one day! You and Jamie are definitely my idols/favorite Olympians and I'm more that happy to say meeting you is checked off my list! And good luck in the X games! You will do amazing!🎿🎿 I'll never forget this incredible memory!
  • kerihermanAva! Keep rippin and having so much fun out there!! You are awesome!!! @ava_racing56
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