• jordan11fabianWiley knows what's good 🏀
  • alimclean1Your not from Toronto u fucking bellend?
  • alimclean1Incase u didn't notice
  • alimclean1Your from the uk..gimp. Your not drake
  • alimclean1Liked u before I saw all these
  • mr_o_0113@alimclean1 it's 5 in the morning at your man at somebody who likes basketball???but you have a photo of you or your friend in a bulls top?...smh
  • jordan11fabian@alimclean1 chill man, there's no nba team in anyplace on the eastern world let alone England, he supports who he wants
  • conzzz10@alimclean1 what's with your negativity? What's the problem with Wiley liking an NBA team? Doesn't effect you in anyway. If you don't have anything nice to say don't comment.
  • dom_1927People here in Brighton support Manchester United yet most have never been to Manchester let alone a game, no one blinks an eye at that though !
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