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  • metsWe breakdown Duda's swing with this slow-mo video. #Mets

  • abefernThe dude can hit. He just needs to figure himself out to peak on his talent.
  • padddddyoHe's not even swinging hard! Lol
  • weams23@mfuterman maybe that's a ground out swing for you but he is a pro and strong enough to do whatever he wants with the bat
  • iannottoStarting his hands before his legs which decreases the amount of power in the swing which usually results in fly outs and groundouts
  • austinc021A bit high...but idk what kind of hitter he wants to be
  • klipp61Looks like he's back to far on his heels.
  • agronycPoormans L.Walker
  • sbien080@mets why do you need a hitting coach when all of your Instagram followers can do it for free?
  • bryansharkbaitAbsolutely disgusting.
  • therc3@biener080 HAHAHA YUP
  • jfuls10Needs more hip rotation... Tell him that @mets
  • jakecarthis dude is a profesional athlete and has some of the best coaches in the world so why anybody thinks they know more than them and should be telling him what to do is an idiot
  • edits_and_news@walbeckbaseballacademy
  • j.aycI'd like to see this with Ike
  • b_dono24@mets probably won't see this comment but if you can post more slow motion batting practice videos that'd be awesome. Beautiful video #lgm #nym
  • tsma120When is he off my team?
  • vec_11Can I slow mo on IG?
  • mfuterman@weams23 lol
  • hoody_alan@jrdakid93 look at the swing and feet
  • michaelaanthonyyWish he would get traded...
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