Beautiful morning for downhill. #sochi2014
  • ted_ligetyBeautiful morning for downhill. #sochi2014

  • samrahmeIts womens downhill :p
  • elliemonstersworldAmazing view!!! Hope you take a moment to enjoy it while competing!!!
  • luluintheflGo Ted!
  • kebinski96Cool
  • toota_alhashmyصوره Nice
  • laithsdadWow!! Looks beautiful!!
  • pikaboo207Do it Ted!! 🇺🇸
  • emo181GOOD LUCK!!! Maybe this will be your good luck charm... You have been to my house before when you came to syracuse with Andrew W.... I went to NSA with him. Rip it up.... We are rooting for you 🎿🎿🎿
  • the_calico_jackTalked all that shit and you finished 12th. Good job douche bag.
  • hoes.n.cheetosStfu @the_calico_jack you wish you could be where he is
  • hoes.n.cheetosTeam U.S.A all the way you should be proud we have down hill slope athletes representing us in Russia. Some will die just to touch the snow there
  • the_calico_jack@kshawn_be_fresh, perhaps if you were out of diapers you could read the article I was referencing.
  • hoes.n.cheetosFirst of all @the_calico_jack "go and fuck your self" second of all I'm in the 11th grade so thanks for putting that out there that I'm in middle school and you don't know if I want to be in the Olympics for summer or winter and you said quote on quote "talked all that shit and finished in 12. Good job douch bag" I just got finished watching and he finished in 12th so you where directly talking to Ted. My point exactly you shouldn't start shit you can't finish and you call yourself an "superior intellect" who told you that your mother because the way that you are talking your not exactly an "superior intellect" and like I said "some people would die just to touch the snow in Russia" obviously an "Superior Intellect" should understand that! Have a good night! 😃
  • hoes.n.cheetosYour corny @the_calico_jack just stop because your embarrassing your self it's very funny and corny tho!
  • emilyyyyy__23Great job Ted. Yesterday was good!! 😄
  • gkargesHave you ever ski raced mane you should know how hard it is before you open your pie hole
  • xninahammerlxAustria is wonderful to skiing
  • fillebenWow!! 😍
  • eve_hurleyI went there and saw u
  • jessformanCome to copper please tomorrow
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