@lostartofthegentleman hit 10k today.  Pretty rad ! From just some random #romantic type posts hashtaged with #lostartofthegentleman I did, to its own Instagram with 10 thousand people following. Unreal.  When I started on here I decided to keep my post true to who I am, what I'm about, who I roll with, what I believe in, and all I have gotten is such support from all over, from all types of people from the street to the sheik, I'm thankful for that. Yeah I know it's just Instagram, but Instagram is a real force in today's society, it's silly that it is but it is never the less.  My #lostartoftheg stuff doing good is a testament to being yourself and truly just keeping it real. Life is much easier when you just do you. It's not for everybody and some haters have been made along the way. (So I must be doing something right) Thank you all for giving a shit about a tattoo artist from the hood just trying to make it good.  Respect #oldsoulnewsuit #lag #selfmade #duespaid #trill #Ca #Ny #trailblaze
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