More stressful than the Super Bowl. Congrats to this handsome devil!
  • teganandsaraMore stressful than the Super Bowl. Congrats to this handsome devil!

  • babybuffalo0609@smrster
  • afields3022@ms_ruffles Thank You!!! Totally agree.
  • creatcburstI feel sorry for those enslaved dogs. :-(
  • vancityvisuals@teganandsara did you go? How was the dog show as a spectator sport?
  • gonzalezgabsNotice me
  • j_diz019Haha! He sooooo would! @toeauclaire
  • godamber@ms_ruffles well you clearly live in a different area and have a different experience with your shelter than I have at the MANY I've worked at. The Westminster dog show and breeding in general are very much part of the problem. I've seen the paperwork to prove it. Until I see all these breeders pulling dogs from pounds, until the euthanasia rate is zero, I remain unconvinced. And yes, surrenders are also due to all the reasons you mentioned. But who sells dogs in neutered? Who doesn't do home checks? Who doesn't take back dogs they sold; especially ones with behavioral issues or health problems? Who breeds merle to merle? Breeders. @ms_ruffles
  • gilliquinmartinThat is one cute puppy.
  • ms_ruffles@godamber definitely highly likely that we have had different experiences being different people in different places. I don't know where you live but I work with shelters across California which are full of strays, mixes and chihuahuas. Clearly our breeders need to get on their game and start dumping more wire fox terriers! The euth rate is never going to be zero. That's reality. There will always be people ready to give up their dog for no good reason. All we can do is help people learn that can be a death sentence for their dog so they won't, or learn about training and health so they can fix the minor problems many dogs get dumped for. I mean, fleas! Dogs get dumped for fleas. That's error on an individual person, not a "breeder". That said, we clearly have different ideas of what a breeder is. The people showing at Westminster are breeders - most (but not all, just like any group of people) of them are incredibly knowledgeable on health, genetics and training and take their dogs very seriously. They should be commended for promoting responsible dog ownership. Many DO rescue and have extensive contracts for their expensive puppies, meaning they come back if there are any issues. They don't want their dogs to end up in shelters. The people you are referring to are irresponsible dog owners. There is a difference. PEOPLE dump pets and PEOPLE also adopt pets - neither are solely the cause or the solution and it is ignorant and a total cop out to think that one group of people caused all those dogs to be homeless.
  • ms_ruffles@afields3022 💗🐶💗
  • holdsie111@elfabian thanks to tegan and Sara, we know the winner!
  • reevolution9When u guys will come to brazil
  • elfabian@holdsie111 saw it on ESPN this mornin 😜
  • ellanaughty@melissa3times dude! Calm down! Maybe they just wanna be humans for a sec and take a break...
  • dreamspreyIs this a spoiler?
  • _a_l_a_i_n_a_My wife and i totally wachted it and that who we wanted to win @annaisterrific
  • paige_e_jamesI love everything about this photo, your caption, and that you were there!
  • _lakerockSaw this on TV today!
  • _dani_1310Seguirmeee
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