• lovethywalrusI'm not usually a city person, but Montreal and Quebec City cast their enchanting spell on me.
    Their beautiful architecture and charming streets delighted me, with mix of old and new seamlessly blending together.
    And each morning in Montreal, this was the view that greeted me out my window at the (luxuriously awesome) Fairmont Queen Elizabeth.
    Alas, it's back to work and reality for me today.
    Although, the next adventure isn't very far away...well, literally speaking it is, as it involves yet another plane ride, but in terms of time, it's close.
    Coffee. Bring me coffee.
    @explorecanada #quebec1x1 #mtlmoments

  • images_by_susanBeautiful city and friendly people lot like AU's but colder 😏 since you're doing shutouts can I pretty pwease 😂😍
  • images_by_susanAu was meant to be Australia not Austria but I'm sure they're friendly there too 😂😂😂
  • amazingtasmaniaBeautiful
  • firenze95dkBeautiful colors!
  • weste012000Feel free to come back to Canada you have lots of friends now its a small world eh
  • saaggo👏👏👏
  • elektrekGood work
  • tomjw15p👏👏👏
  • lovethywalrus@weste012000 thank you! I love Canada, I'll definitely be back!
  • weste012000Maybe we can look you up on our next trip to Cygnet
  • coolerguezWhats the name of this effect in yor foto and how did you do it? Nice picture owsome
  • uphighaboveWow!! 👌
  • slkohI absolutely love this shot, with Mont Royal in the background!!
  • lovethywalrus@slkoh thanks so much!
  • heygirlvickyNice!
  • fairmontqueeneWe're delighted that Montreal (and our hotel) charmed you! It was a pleasure hosting you for #quebec1x1! :)
  • lovethywalrus@fairmontqueene your hotel certainly made our short time in Montreal wonderfully comfortable. Staff were friendly, lodgings were stunning (I didn't want to leave!)
  • montrealYou'll have to come back soon, Montreal misses you already!
  • lovethywalrus#momentsQEH
  • xraygigi18@lovethywalrus @bjtaylor02 @shantisangit @louisv83 I work in that brown building(if you look closely, you can see the top)that sits on top of that hill...the "centre of excellence"! Working at a trauma center is hard...but just the view alone makes it worth it!
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