x vb #NYFW #VBAW14
  • victoriabeckhamx vb #NYFW #VBAW14

  • emma_knowles_34They look ill
  • _meowingtonhallLove anything vb.xx
  • sharonmccrimmonLove vb but they do look ill
  • carriejane81What, every single model?? @saudah__ Model sizes should vary... That's all I'm saying. I'd love to see VB designs on a fuller figure model for a change.
  • eskesensAre the models suppose to look ill and I don't mean their weight ?
  • gracepscottLove Julia
  • ohrelie😨 please go eat
  • leyaubry👌
  • nalevucinicParecen enfermas de verdad...
  • ayannabWhy is it okay to make fun of people's size? In either direction? Because a lot of comments here seem conspicuously of mockery.
  • gerardbjUgly
  • nanarm8They are like walking deads
  • maxbinnoNo shape clothes look to big
  • 12zurichCool girl, I love black match with white, so cool
  • 4svz_شكلي اذا احد قال لي شوفي الي وراك بس لا تلفين 😂😂
  • leonardakalicWho are you guys to judge Victoria's choice of models. She like every designer had a vision for that show and if these and all other models that wore her clothes are in that vision your comments are unimportant. Wait.. They are unimportant anyway because you are just bunch of girls on a social network wishing they had those clothes and pretending to be the fashion experts.
  • cakeitonme@diebiatchdiehard Wow - chill man #justsaying
  • ninjabear8Why do people instead of calling thinner models?? They work out hard watch what they eat the are focused people. Just because a lot of people in society can not be bothered to be that focused all they want is a fuller figure model. Point to note that these fuller figure models still have small waists, muscle arms n legs just wider hips etc not the like some people in society that are just plain large! Don't judge let people be what they want and how the want to do it!! I loved the collection and the style of the models androgynous look well done Victoria
  • mayakramer@alison143 @diebiatchdiehard check out @stylit or mystylit.com #allbodytypes
  • homxiraCome to Vancouver
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