#teamNKH #NoKidHungry
  • mingey#teamNKH #NoKidHungry

  • lionesslittle@deeascameron no it's learn to fly 😊
  • nirgnisDeb lives!!!
  • ashhossAre you kidding @deeascameron it's Seth avett from the avett brothers!! Oh how I love me some avett!!
  • sarah_danielle80Yea @ashhoss what an insult to Seth Avett !!! Avett Brothers = life :)
  • birdie_bird_13@zamudioharnett
  • megliz88@ferneau
  • brennaynay@kaycavs !!!!
  • zpmmehrdadReally Love you amanda.i watched to all your movies.can u help me? @mingey
  • xdarttheseanxIs the anther girl is Jennifer Carpenter?
  • x.nmlYou look just like sophie in mamma mia on this photo 💝 thats how me and my friends like you the most!
  • lunadustvintageAll celebrities should be focusing on this problem of poverty... And pay more taxes... 👍💕
  • alla_she@frakava look who is here together!
  • sachabandukdaShe is sophie in mamma mia. @n.ninaaaa
  • x.nmlI know that, i meant that she looked like the character. So I know she plays Sophie, but irl she looks totally different, except on this photo @sachabandukda
  • dukemybffeThats the sophie from mamma mia movie that I know. Amanda seyfried you total totally rocked in that movie. YOU SANG SO SO AWESOME IN THAT MOVIE TO AMANDA SEYFRIED ☆ ♡.
  • dukemybffeAmanda you are amazing person. I am soooo happy and great full for what you do. I am such a huge fan fan of yours & will be FOREVER TOO ☆ ♡. I want to get all your movies. Eventually I am going to get all your movies. I only have mean girls, mamma mia, dear John, letters to juliet, les miserables for right now that is. I just ordered some on Saturday. I can't wait for them to get here so I can watch them.i can watch your movies over and over again. The ones ones that I have now. It will be the same thing with the rest (huge fan). You are a talented, amazing wonderful, awesome (actress & singer ) to me no matter what anyone says. Keep your talented, wonderful, awesome , amazing gifts that you were gifted with coming to everyone amanda. Your fan forever ☆♡.
  • azwarosid@amirhariz.hassan 😋😋
  • amandaseyfried.fpGreat*-*
  • arthur.ksyДебра как живая)
  • newacc.lukasfdrmnnDebra Morgan <3
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