What's better than getting sausage in the mail? NOTHING. Thanks to @SalSaysWhat for the gifts!
  • stevezaragozaWhat's better than getting sausage in the mail? NOTHING. Thanks to @SalSaysWhat for the gifts!

  • whatisaferretteSteve looks as if he should be solving crimes or something loll #badass
  • christianking2WHO IS THIS MONSTER?! @stevezaragoza
  • aftersmileLooking good without the stash!
  • somejokerYou look so different now Steve! I love it! It's great to change it up keep it fresh and cool. Enjoy that thick sausage boii. {:*P
  • benjohnsickWhen did Steve get...sexy?!
  • paulrichardsonoldSexy Steve? What have you done with cuddly Steve!? *Batman voice* Where is he!!!
  • theirongiantCan you stop losing weight faster than me. K thnx
  • odhran_dohertyySo who's the guy that's in that picture Steve posted? .....Steve? Is that you? WHY YOU NO CUDDLY?
  • stuarthodgeStop! You were like a cuddly Baer now you look abit like a pedophile!
  • _mac_of_all_trades_This shot reminds me of Ray William Johnson. For this I am very upset. Steve you are one of the funniest, most genuine people that I fallow online and the fact that seeing you made me think of that sack of shit makes me very sad. Love you Steve! Hate you Ray. #=3
  • ddddddonnieLookin good Steven Zaragoza...
  • xxannagraceYou look much more attractive holding sausage.
  • beard_kennedystrangely reminds me of raywilliamjohnson
  • sendreenforcementsYou shaved the stache?!?!
  • drawings_by_lisaSteve please look at my art! You are hilarious! I always watch u when I need a laugh but please look at me art
  • fredddie.g@callumthomas09
  • crsteinertxoDamn. Who knew there was a bunch of sexy under the beard. Haha
  • rifzsterSteve you look great with the stubble and keep the look
  • bushvoSAW U ON THAT TACO BELL AD ON YOUTUBE, too good to share or something
  • lyonteesdaleIt's not sausage, It's pork Roll
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