Little man getting kisses from his big sister :-) #lovemylife #luckymama
  • melrystrickLittle man getting kisses from his big sister :-) #lovemylife #luckymama

  • lauren.gooteeOh my goodness. Thank you so much💕 this just made my day☺️ I'm pretty lucky most of the time but sometimes I'm just really good at faking happiness. 😒 @ngeorge87
  • miche11e_jones@melrystrick I have no shame in being in my jammies all day long if I have nowhere to go. 👍 And I'm not even a mom. 🙊
  • ngeorge87@____lo28____ I hope you won't have to fake it anymore or harm yourself. Whatever you do, be happy, live in the moment, let the past be the past and don't worry too much about the future. Take everything as it comes and enjoy your teenage years. This is coming from a 26yr old who wishes she was still 15 lol😉 well dear
  • ngeorge87@____lo28____ by the way, you're welcome even though you don't have to thank me. The fact that it made your day, made MY day. I'm happy😊
  • laura_tx7@shelly_jones11 I'm the same way!! You just made me feel so much better about it knowing I'm not the only one who does this. I thought I was the only one. I don't have children either. Just a husband and dog, lol!
  • fashionluva84You would think after those words@ melrystrick would reply?
  • melrystrick@____lo28____ It breaks my heart to hear young girls speak like that. Please know that whatever you're going through, things always get better! Please don't ever get lost or stuck in the 'tunnel' - keep pushing through and you will find the light again! But if you need a reminder, message me on Facebook :-). We can chat through the hard times. Keep your chin up and keep smiling beautiful :)
  • joycegrimesSuch a precious picture!
  • annie69mBeautiful picture! Sweet moments to treasure!! Congrats :)
  • llperez04It's so great to see how amazing your life is after that "so called" show the bachelor! You have a beautiful family and I'm so glad you've found happiness that we all deserve! #blessed
  • tracyauman@melrystrick a role model for girls of all ages. I follow u because u inspire me to be happy. And reading ur comment to @____lo28____ just shows what a wonderful person u are. God had blessed u in so many ways. Thanks for being real and for sharing ur life with us all.
  • tracyauman*has
  • ktrg29Doesn't get much better than this... 💗💙
  • castle4lifeSooo cute and sweet!!
  • lauren.gooteeThank you so much. I rarely have anyone to talk to anymore so it's nice to know people care. Thanks again for being such a great role model to not just me, but to everyone! @melrystrick
  • miche11e_jones@laurarn00 lol!! 👍
  • breannefig@brookeboswelltoler
  • lynnbgioSo sweet ,, I had a daughter and them a son ... She was like his little mama .... It's so special Enjoy ... They grow sooooo quick ... My daughter is now having her own a son Too !
  • quisqueyalabella32@melrystrick so cute!! 💞💖💓🌺💗🙏
  • bellefitYou both are sooo cute!
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