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  • pelicansnbaHallmark pregame moment between Coach Williams and former NOLA guard Greivis Vasquez.

  • the_jet35Monty is a players coach. Tyreke is a disappointment even when he is still with he Kings
  • stan_kaufman@greivisvasquez
  • nola_momof4Aw I miss Vasquez!
  • thedeauxI miss Vasquez though
  • thompsonius22@veekescutia @gparas
  • albertoajimeQue bueno rey @greivisvasquez
  • _jwilllDamn 😭
  • jacquieindahoodAwesome
  • akaisigggWelcome back
  • mikey8190Monty couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag
  • sydnih_Welcome back👏👏
  • josevargasjavsQ lindo detalle hrmano eres grande entre los grandes @greivisvasquezfanclub @greivisvasquez tu humildad t abre las ptas al exitoo bravoooo
  • kevinbforbounceMonty is terrible. Vasquez was solid, was sad when he got traded. However, Tyreke is a huge upgrade if he had a coach that let him play his game. It should be all 2 man game with Davis and Evans with morrow or another shooter on the wing for kick outs. Evans is the Marshawn Lynch of basketball. Monty is a high school coach.
  • kevinbforbounce@christiansarro I totally disagree. I've watched Monty Williams closely for 4 years. He still hasn't learned to call a timeout. It's absurd. We have no offensive identity. We don't push the ball even though we have a glut of speedy ball handlers and the best running big in the league. He hangs his hat on defense yet we are one of the worst defenses in the league. In basketball great offense always beats great defense. He throws his players under the bus in post game interviews. I can keep going on and on. Tyreke was rookie of the year playing the point. He averaged 20/5/5. Then the kings started playing him out of position. He gets to the rim with ease and creates shots and draws fouls. He impacts the game. His only struggles this year have come while playing injured or out of shape from recovering or from not having the ball in his hands to create. While Jrue is out he should be the starting PG. His penetration would create so much for Davis. I like Roberts but he isn't getting assists. Tyreke gets his teammates easy shots. Monty has mismanaged this team and you can tell the players don't really like him.
  • a_regan56Monty gotta go
  • timothy1272@kevinbarrios504 is right on point. Tyreke can create and get his own shot better than EG...or anyone else on that team. Game on the line...it needs to be in his hands. And needs true starter or 6th man minutes. Communicate with your players Monty...or find a new home.
  • a_regan56Monty gotta go
  • mssweetswatsonLooking good @byduanewatson 😍😍
  • zachshermanMonty is terrible coach
  • yungdoodiejrThe reason y Jrue,Tyreke & AD are all getting better as a TEAM.. Monty just a real Coach.. @blackjack70128
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