#London #sunrise ☁☀🚲 #street #traffic
  • jeera#London #sunrise ☁☀🚲 #street #traffic

  • dayxdreamer@annushka8 @reizv0ll
  • grcpsI alway love London 😍
  • pecomiyaI love this photo! So beautiful.
  • vixvixenWow! I really love this photo!! Thanks for all the wonderful views of London!! <3 from a girl in Cali with the dream to one day live in the UK.
  • sfoskygirlGorgeous!!! Your photos are amazing!
  • jeera@vixtoriavixen Thanks!  I have a dream to live in Cali one day! 
  • kristineolsenYou have amazing photos!
  • jeera#howishoot I took this shot early in the winter Monday morning, so the sky played the sunrise atmosphere quite well for me. I have tried few usual tricks in Camera+ but wasn't entirely happy, so I have used Snapseed first to increase Brightness (30%) and Ambiance (50%) with "Tune image" function. Then I used Drama function to increase contrast of middle tones slightly (30%) while preserving colour saturation (50%). From previous fiddling with the image in Camera+ I knew Clarity process would be too brutal, so Drama in Sapseed did better service in this case as I could control the amount of the effect. Export and opening back in Camera+. I composed and cropped the square format, which I always do in this app as I found it very useful to preserve crispness of the image. Then I added 70% of Magic Hour effect to emphasise morning sun beige tones and added round white border to preserve my composition. This border is actually only one in Camera+ that can be fully covered by EarlyBird border in Instagram. And that was actually the last stage of the process as I'm hardcore EarlyBird lover. It might sound a bit tedious and complicated for one shot, but that's actually something I enjoy most in instagraming. And you can get quite quick and handy after some practice :)
  • thevipeAwesome gallery! Thanks for sharing your editing technique... I love reading about process. Keep up the fine work!
  • dianamoreta_@jeera Your shots are gorgeous you should come out to NYC I know your shots would be amazing here too!
  • betulcsSuperrrr
  • maggiemae23@jeera nice pic and love the editing info! You use iPhone 4 or 4s ?camera+ info sounds like it only works best with 4s...let me know please😊
  • ni_coalBRUTAL!!! :0
  • jeera@maggiemae23 Camera+ works great on 4 as well. This one was iP4 and I use dslr as well. Camera+ and Snapseed are unbeatable kings if the hill ;)
  • blackcatunionIsn't that Whitehall?
  • maggiemae23@jeera got snapseed got camera+ now I just gave to get by to shooting its been a slllloooowww month thanks for the info
  • thayariYou are an amazing photographer! Thanks for sharing your lovely art :) ✌
  • onomatopoeticThank you for sharing all this info so generously! Beautiful pic! ❤
  • avito88I love london!!!!❤❤🇬🇧🇬🇧
  • jeeraThis photo is available in my Instacanvas gallery at: http://instacanv.as/jeera
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