• nix.geeSooooooo

  • djsirmarcusI want to be here
  • letherocksNikki where is this?
  • nix.gee@letherocks on hillhurst somewhere. It's all styled after Starbucks but with "dumb" in front of everything.
  • loosesealbluthI read that everything is free and the pastires are from Vons. I wonder who is behind this publicity stunt and why?
  • paulo1051Go to the drawing room next door in stead
  • nix.gee@paulo1051 oh I didn't go in. @jenziebenzie and I just kind of stared at it and then wandered off
  • paulo1051Sounds about right
  • vaguefleshHaha you're down the street! Everyone keeps saying the coffee is awful... weird little publicity stunt but in a great location to get drunk while doing laundry.
  • nate_millerI heard they're putting in a Dumb Doninoes next door
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