#NYFW #VBAW14 x vb
  • victoriabeckham#NYFW #VBAW14 x vb

  • rocerdo@loli_trujillo
  • clairelucaspOh and I live in Liverpool and all the VIPs are wearing VB they can't get enough of it x
  • paperheartsandplanesJust stumbled on your comments @anniejmliu you go girl! Love ya xxx
  • anniejmliuI totally agree that some women are naturally like this and genuinely do struggle to put on weight the same as some women struggle to loose weight. It would be nice to think this rare section of women are the models we see but reports unfortunately show the contrary. I am not criticising VB as she is only following the rest of the fashion industry but I do think there are a few people in the world have the power to change this trend and she is one of them. It scares me that my daughters will see images like this and feel this is normal, this weight is not normal- the same as being over weight is not normal.
  • anniejmliu@paperheartsandplanes just so scary when we look at our beautiful innocent little girls, bring back Marilyn Monroe xx
  • steffieegg12Marylin Monroe's had plastic surgery and had addictions, I think there are a lot of normal thing women as well as those pressured by their profession I.e. Model but don't look back at role models who weren't really as great as their legend leaves
  • ruby.jean.heery@gisellefk how good
  • _thatgirltho_Clean
  • nakistylesOMG J'adore
  • jlwellard@vickyliangg
  • nicolexogeorge@michamarley The latest designs are everything
  • ilovekimwoobinall i want
  • norhayatimohdjanLove❤️love❤️ur collection
  • pinkjade82Really clean cut...nice
  • misskatethomasLOVED the collection and evolved aesthetic. Looks 1/8/9/11/26 were my absolute faves - but the more I look at it, the more I just adore the whole lot!
  • whatjulialoves123She know so well what women loves to wear
  • gisellefk@rubyjcsh you are telling me - everything 👌
  • _lauren.butlerLooks quite nice but I just want to give those models a chocolate bar xx
  • red_boy_jp@cris_yamazoe veja:
  • paarisa7@evesewing
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