The line-up at Alexander Wang #nyfw
  • britishvogueThe line-up at Alexander Wang #nyfw

  • __.__._.__.______孙菲菲!!
  • calmsea_zYeah. @feifeisunsun is among them.
  • mypicsnshitIt's not diverse because typically there is a theme...duh. Telling an artist they need to change and be equitable with their hiring of black telling them that an industry that is superficial and bases things on looks needs to be diverse in their hiring choices. Uhh...think about that for a minute. Then why stop at the discrimination of just black models? What about those that are Hispanic, Asian, white from Europe, white from Amer (there is a difference, you know), mixed race, short, fat, etc?? Why are you just mentioning color...why just stop there? The whole industry that we all adore is not fair of its judgement of women/men...but if you care so much, then why are you even looking at vogue? Go by Bitch, Utne, or Mother Jones... Sigh. @britishvogue Thanks for posting. Always great to see the hard work put into the shows/ shoots!
  • _whereintheworld@shylittlekitten people aren't just arguing diversity for black people but diversity for all people of color (who are always under represented unless there's some type of "exotic" theme. And your suggestion to stop looking at Vogue is ill informed and stupid. Speaking up doesn't mean you hate something, just that you love something so much you want to help fix some of the shortcomings
  • matherskateI AM HERE
  • miss.adrenaLove Alexander Wang.
  • mypicsnshit@_zensation My point is you can't make something equitable that isn't to begin with...
  • noirohioI see you @omgitsmeg
  • _whereintheworld@shylittlekitten that's such a flawed conclusion. That means there would be no diversity anywhere ever because "it wasn't like that to begin with". People had to speak up and out in all industries to commence change. Change just doesn't "happen" it takes work and time. Also it takes people being uncomfortable for a while and deal with their own contributions to the problem. Simply leaving if alone or not watching it (as you suggested) won't do anything but make things worse and silence people who are trying to help.
  • omgitsmeg@noirohio good eye 😉
  • mypicsnshitPerhaps I should clarify...naturally, I am a proponent of change. I am mixed! @_zensation ...but even if I wasn't, I'm just saying this isn't the correct forum. Vote with your dollars. Support those that make the change you wish to see in this world, but industries that are based on literally such a one dimensional scope are probably the farthest forum for equality....when women as a whole are yet to be valued for as they are in the real. Besides, there are magazines that devote whole issues etc to diversity...Ebony, Latina, to say a few. I don't dismiss your point, I just think it's not the correct forum...
  • pinkballoon25👍👍👍👍👍
  • _whereintheworldBut what you're failing to see is that change in High Fashion is happening because people have spoken out over the years. And "Alexander Wang" and other comparable designers are not in the "vote with your dollars category" due to their upper echelon prices to begin with. That may work with more affordable clothes that appeal to the masses but the fact is that most people aren't buying wang left and right. Keeping silent and ignoring the problem does nothing. But speaking up about it and making it a forefront issue can (and has) brought change
  • sweetdiamond_deeThey all look alike :(
  • noirohio@omgitsmeg 😘😍
  • lyndafbNot one brown or black face. Shameful.
  • lyndafbAnd boring.
  • aimeeloavThey look all the same, lame.
  • kikibiancaNeed more diversity ASAP
  • pbdazzledI like it, leave people alone, art isn't always fair or diverse #getoverit
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