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  • macys#regram from the oh-so-chic and lovely @cocorocha in #made4impulse @madefw #latergram

  • ashanne_5@tadhunt the girl isn't anorexic! You should calm down. Overweight girls don't sell clothes & aren't pretty to look at. I hate seeing others jealous of skinny girls. If you don't like their models don't buy from them. Don't ruin others things.
  • michal_kayShe's too skinny it isn't pretty
  • michal_kay@tadhunt ur absolutely right. Look at her knees. This shouldn't be an example
  • lisab82Awesome!
  • conchcottagegirlLove this look 💗
  • t.d.hunt@ashgodfrey5 I am a very confident, size 14, 37 year old woman. I have personally worked with teens girls for over 10 years. I teach the importance of self love and worth. Girls need to be healthy and love the skin they are in. I feel so very sorry for girls that feel they need to be size zero. @michal_kay I totally agree with you. Shame on Macys! Side note.... Look at Dove commercials. Great job @dove
  • rachelives30@tadhunt you are right! The frail frame on this poor girl takes away from their clothes. This isn't normal for ANY kind of healthy woman and its disturbing. @ashgodfrey5 ..well, bless your heart..
  • t.d.hunt@rachelives30 I totally agree!!!
  • michellelee2176That girl looks freakishly thin. Nothing against the girl but I totally agree with most all other comments....this look is NOT good looking. Unrealistic for most girls.
  • the_glazzzeNo more body shaming! That's what @dove and @aerie campaigns are for. We all come in different shapes and sizes. The shape of our body is impacted by so many factors. Let every single woman be beautiful for the individual that she is.
  • the_glazzze@macys @cocorocha you're fabulous
  • pband_jennyI disagree, nit all woman have weight problems and not all women are big..don't force her to eat just because you are nor portioned the same. some people are naturally lean and its not healthy for them to force feed themselves just as its not healthy for those who starve either. she looks beautiful
  • pband_jennynot**
  • t.d.huntLet me start over. When I made the comment I was in no way slamming this personal woman. She is beautiful in her own way, just as all of us women are. What I stated was I strongly feel The Macy Company needs to consider the impact of using a super thin model. Of course they used this particular woman Bc they wanted to put their clothing on a thin frame. I have worked with teens girls for years and I just want ALL companies to consider the impact and pressure it puts on the younger female population. Thank you.
  • heloi28Limpo e bonito
  • pgcandy7Their is a difference between fit and thin and to skinny.
  • deidrew2"There" is a difference between fit and thin and "too" skinny@pgcandy7
  • gracierichards_@elicornish123 she's a really good model😊 xx
  • el_cornishYeah she is @music_songsx01
  • gracierichards_👌😉 @elicornish123
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