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  • theycallmemanbatMARK HENRY DID THE SPLITS!!! @themarkhenry @masterofthe619 @xavierwoodsphd #wwesanjose #wwelive

  • jrnc31Can't believe Mark Henry actually did a spilit lol.. lol he still got it.
  • theycallmemanbat@jrnc31 ya u can hear all the excitement in the background. There was a big "you still got it" chant to
  • jrnc31Lol I bet. Mark Henry cool guy though. They say he sold out to his injury letting Xavier Woods do most of the work. You think Mark Henry he'll be 100% come Raw tomorrow night.
  • theycallmemanbat@jrnc31 he did some work in this match but most of it was done by Xavier Woods and Rey Mysterio however I also went to the WWE Live event that was the night before this one and Mark Henry barely got in the match. All he did was hit a couple slam then tagged back XW then came back in just to hit the world strongest slam then pinned swagger. Also in this match that has the video Rey Mysterio was there but at the show the night before it was just XW and MH
  • jrnc31Oh ok
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