BEST HOUSEWARMING GIFT EVER! 🎉👏 One of our #Birchbloggers @passtherouge brought over this mega size #Bioderma for our @jdalfeen's new apartment—all the way from Paris! #cantwaittowashmyface
  • birchboxBEST HOUSEWARMING GIFT EVER! 🎉👏 One of our #Birchbloggers @passtherouge brought over this mega size #Bioderma for our @jdalfeen's new apartment—all the way from Paris! #cantwaittowashmyface

  • nonotricks@ticklemyfanciness about feelunique I mentioned it for Nuxe and not Bioderma sorry for the misunderstanding ! Yes I tried Lavera, it's very 100% natural, vegan etc but I don't really like it because of the smell of the products but the composition is totally clean !!!
  • ticklemyfanciness@nono_atb really? Mmm yeah I love trying organic products but my issue is that sometimes they put essential oils especially lavender one. I just prefer sweet orange so just depends. No problem about misunderstanding :-).
  • nicholeciotti👌👌
  • kpwogrinThis stuff is the absolute BEST!!!!!!
  • aajainLove this stuff!!
  • hey_hey_j_jFound this here in beijing yesterday! So excited to try it!
  • coleymoley@nono_atb - thank you! Sounds fabulous!
  • kasialjonesBirchbox needs to carry this in the US!
  • coleymoley@ticklemyfanciness - thank you! Sounds like its getting a lot of live, and I want to try it!
  • coleymoleyLive = love :)
  • coralie_lboI'm French and I've been using it. Then I realized it wasn't that amazing. Do not rely on it to remove mascara or to leave your skin clean and comfortable, unless you rince it, as a lot of people recommend to do. There is so much better available in France and probably abroad.
  • aimeelovespinkOh my gosh I want to try bioderma so much! I emailed Birchbox once requesting it in the shop. I tried the Vichy brand but it didn't wow me...
  • birchbox@juliecakes16 we have it on our @birchboxuk site! I wish we had it in the US!
  • passtherougeWhoop whoop! Thanks! 👍✌️🎉👊❤️🎉👭👈
  • nyctalon@birchbox they sell bioderma at a pharmacy in the city, if you want I could give you the name/address, I've been meaning to do a post on it too :)
  • morethandenim@birchbox love this product!!! Great for removing makeup and feels amazing on your skin!❤️
  • luciamaenz@monawitmer 👌I love you por esto!
  • monawitmer@luciamaenz tzzzz solo ?
  • marouchka37Il y a la nouvelle version peau sensible avec rougeurs ..... Encore plus douce .....
  • pepita_I love this product! Couldn't live without it!
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