Photo: @melissafarlow (Melissa Farlow) | A rare snow dusts Three Arch Rocks, a National Wildlife Refuge that is habitat for Oregon's largest breeding colonies of Tufted Puffins, 220,000 Common Murres and the federally threatened Steller sea lion. Conservationists William L. Finley and Herman Bohlman lobbied for protection of the 15-acre basalt sea stacks photographing birds and expressing concern for egg gathering and slaughter of marine life by thrill seekers in the early 1900s. They camped on the rocks for 14 days and made photographs of the region's endangered birds highlighted in books and articles including one in @natgeo in 1923. The tallest of the rocks is named for Finley. @thephotosociety #oregon #landscape #archrocks #latergram #conservation #winteriscoming #snow #ocean
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