• jennymccarthyLove.

  • purpleguacyBeautiful pic! Real love!
  • candace.d.bWho made your necklace that you wore on WWHL the other night? @jennyannmccarthy loved it👌
  • hoppejewels@jennyannmccarthy I was so happy & honored when u wore my #hoppejewels silver bracelets from Lynne today on The View ;) Such a cute pic of you guys!
  • glorianne329Ohhh, so flippin cute :)
  • hobbsamJenny I loved your hair tipped dark on wwhl! Can you post a pic of it up close? You have started a trend!
  • gazda_thebossMay The Lord bless him
  • storiesofwellnessSons ❤️❤️
  • _mryoungAwwww
  • tx_shaunEven beautiful with no makeup
  • n.i.n.a_2122I read your book. My brother has autism too. When I get out of high school I am making it my life to and passion to speck about autism. They are different not a disgrace to the world
  • cynfulcyndi❤️
  • kblockednloaded@jennyannmccarthy just saw some bad press about you speaking about vaccinations. Stay strong, you are giving voice to a very powerful topic and I thank you for that. There is a lot of ignorance and many of the issues we face today are so layered. Just wanted to reach out and show some support!
  • georgiafs3112@jennyannmccarthy , Jenny , when my baby was diagnosed with ASD , I was lost. My whole world came tumbling down and I prayed to God for guidance. That very same day I came across your book, "Louder than words". It was that sign that I asked God for... Because you got me thru some really tough moments... You are a true inspiration 💙 God Bless you and your little son. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.
  • meggo0414❤❤❤
  • jennifermarie781Okay this is my favorite pic on ur IG
  • missreckless613precious <3
  • angelataylor184Awe precious!
  • deliraMoments like this, any mom wouldn't give up for anything. Your son is adorable and my 8 year daughter thinks is awesome.
  • darcymariedruckAwww
  • staclyn11My son is 9, wish I could sit down and talk with you feeling frustrated. Doctors are not listening @jennyannmccarthy
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