#goldmansachs brought nail files and mirrors to the women's coding event. Not sure if this is #sexyfeminism or gender stereotyping
  • yuqz#goldmansachs brought nail files and mirrors to the women's coding event. Not sure if this is #sexyfeminism or gender stereotyping

  • magnoliafan07Have you used the nail file yet?
  • yuqzNo but it's sitting there, in my cabinet, waiting for my nails to chip after a long day of coding :)
  • dchampagnersWho gives a fuck if its gender stereotyping WOOOOW a mirror and a nail file. Women always asking for the same rights as a man but when they start running mouth like a man and get socked in the face wanna complain we can't hit u. Psssshhhh stop bitching
  • obrimarkThe mirror comes in handy to see approaching code review ninjas in your cube. Then you can keep them honest with the nail file. You can run away in your Google socks; a gift from the same event. That must be how they code on Wall St.
  • dianexyangdid you see that this made it onto the nytimes? http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2014/02/11/goldman-handed-out-cosmetic-mirrors-and-nail-files-at-womens-coding-event/
  • yuqzWow thanks for the share, I had no idea.
  • yuqzHaha @obrimark that's definitely how I'd rationalize it too
  • obrimarkThat's how I saw the piece.
  • pmod@sophiecantell @cannwarner @robynehayes lolz
  • ladeedyeGender stereotyping?? Oh goodness. It's just a gift bag. Why do people make an issue out of everything??
  • taytaywhitt_Hi there! I am with The Social, a national daily talk-show that airs on CTV in Canada. We would like to show this photo on our show today. Could you email me at taylor.whittamore@bellmedia.ca to let me know if this is OK? Thanks!
  • skinnersean1Is there a significantly larger debate here than what's being explored? One that even the NYT is completely overlooking? Think I found one.
  • yuqzHi @taylorwhittamore thanks for the interest! I just emailed you!
  • yuqz@skinnersean1 I personally think the big problem is how girls now (including myself) find themselves constantly encouraged to fight gender biases but also punished for over thinking when we point it out. This is an excellent article on (the other side of) our current gender panic. Girls and Software: http://buff.ly/1gmP0o9
  • yuqzGoogle brought EOS lip balm and copies of Lean In. Square brought square registers to #wecode #swag
  • yuqzOf course, I'm also guilty of gender stereotyping because I assumed nail files and mirrors are just for women, which is not true!
  • yuqzI think the best way to remedy this is for #gs to bring nail files and mirrors to the next conference they sponsor so men can get them too!
  • chlovett^love that idea, yuqi :)
  • chlovett很想你
  • stanleysheriff@apartow1
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