Happy 5th birthday Stirling!!!! Such a fun Star Wars party!!! May the force be with you!!!! @oclydia
  • alexis_bellinoHappy 5th birthday Stirling!!!! Such a fun Star Wars party!!! May the force be with you!!!! @oclydia

  • oclydiaYay! So fun seeing you guys. Love you
  • michellearcecastroI'm sorry, but who wears a leather dress & 5 inch heels to a kids birthday party?
  • ___natie____And it ruins your life how @michellearcecastro ??? Exactly, the woman can wear what she likes to a kids party.
  • margehutchinsNice nips! They match perfectly to your leather dress & F-me shoes
  • sheradawsonIf I looked as hot as her I would wear whatever I wanted too☺️
  • michellearcecastroRelax @natie____ ! Why so defensive? I like the lady, just expressing my opinion on her choice of clothing for a child's party. No need to get so offended.
  • cheercheer02I agree with @michellearcastro...you don't dress like that for a kids backyard. Party...
  • ___natie____Your opinion is negative and not required @michellearcecastro I'm not offended but maybe you should watch what you write as your comment was very negative
  • is_sara❤️❤️❤️❤️ so cute
  • morgan.jaeeOh wahhhh everyone has nipples! Get over it :)
  • michellearcecastroLol, okay. If you consider that "very negative" you're too sensitive. Now I'm moving on from this pissing match. And btw, thanks @cheercheer02 .... But watch what you write or else you're going to be scolded by the IG comment police. 😆
  • jmbs_mom@michellearcecastro I don't know what country you're from, but here in America, we get to choose our own clothing!
  • michellearcecastroI'm from the same town as you @jmbsmom . Smh
  • tyrell_vThat looks a bit too tight luv around the boob area ..... Not a good look!
  • mustsakaVery nice
  • jackie_allen65Awful dress. It's not flattering at all for a beautiful woman with a stunning figure.
  • staystrongmamaU look like u r staying busy and happy I am going to miss u on the show. I know I will check in time to time to see Vicki but I am not a fan of Heather and tamera.
  • joycielife@jackieallen I don't mind her looking like a high-priced hooker when she's with her man or girls, but I would love to see her in something cute, not skit tight and not super short when she's at a kids birthday party. It's okay to not be overly sexy exert second of the day. It's a bunch of 5 year olds! She can still be pretty while also dressing appropriate.
  • jessica_lindsey365I guess next time she needs to ask all of you first if it's OK to wear a certain outfit. Lol #getoverit
  • ramadiallo5678gmailcomOh
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