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  • mancityNORWICH V CITY: Counting down to kick-off! Match tag: #norwichvcity

  • dmoshiHope City win League cup because there's nothing left for this team!
  • shamsi_r8This is not the time att allllll
  • thebigozzC'mon guys, you crying like girls. We are 2 points behind chelsea and 1 point behind Arsenal. Is just one game and everything can change. Today we had a bad day, tomorrow Chelsea or Arsenal will be have a bad day. So many game left, so many points to win or lose. Thumb up👍
  • elkudruIts high time to stop being a fun of Manchester City 5 points down last week and this week.
  • hadleeeey@mattbart98
  • reza_lyaCan't even steal 3 points from norwich? Wtf is going on with this club
  • mhdhaniffWtf 0-0:(
  • jriveragodoyDe visita no tiene ni un brillo el equipo y más encima con un colista !!! Como se extraña al kun a @fernandinhooficial
  • anniiareuokThe Chelsea defeat is destroying us
  • ryan_rahmadhanOh no manchester city in last balance
  • archie_hawksworth0-0 that's B.S
  • godz_dnaThat was a fair chance......sans injury
  • professor_bluEmberasing and how we ganna face barca?? Like this???
  • footsoldier74It's football people. It happens. Teams drop points during a season. All of the top four have "bad " losses or draws. City is only two points out with plenty of games left. Other teams will drop points too. It's the way it is.
  • manchester_united_for_life0-0
  • ollie_rebanks0-0
  • benforresterrr0-0 @mcfcofficial
  • _abbykb_0-0 @mcfcofficial come you can do better than that but hard game yesterday.
  • mazad1988٠ / ٠
  • joshleeeeeeHaha city drew to norwich
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