Too proud to sit down!! Behind the scenes of my new commercial. Thanks @weightwatchers.
  • jessicasimpsonToo proud to sit down!! Behind the scenes of my new commercial. Thanks @weightwatchers.

  • kariannacoops@seannajean71 I Love Her !!
  • driftgirlLookin great!!!!!!!!!!1
  • olympicjunkieCongrats! But truly, you're beautiful at any size and don't ever let anyone tell you any different!
  • jojo511Beautiful 💜
  • ____mkc____I agree @olympicjunkie
  • lclaypool@jessicasimpson1111 you truly look wonderful. You are an inspiration for mothers like me who have struggled with their post-baby bodies. You carry yourself with such confidence and should be very proud of your babies and your accomplishments. You go girl!!!!
  • jillortiz44You are absolute perfection! Such an smacking inspiration for us mommys to get back into shape and look better then ever! 😄😄😄🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏
  • natalie_l_cowardYou are beautiful x
  • j0_hannaJust signed up for @weightwatchers again! Thank you for the #motivation
  • samanthahadleyI love your new commercial! You look fantastic!!!
  • cocopattYou look great! Who is the designer of that dress?
  • cmc3541You look great!
  • uggsloveGreat job, you're gorgeous Mommy!!! My little girl is 6 months and I've lost 45 pounds. I'm not where I want to be, but I'm gonna keep trying. Kuddos to you for not giving into pressure and doing this the safe and harder way. Hard work and dedication!!!!! You're a great mommy and such a great role model for WOMEN! you just rock!!! @jessicasimpson
  • jarroyornI agree WW works-I lost 103 on it!
  • katylizzie@jessicasimpson I have been a fan of yours for years. I have been trying to lose weight with @weightwatchers and seeing how you've done it is inspirational to me. #amazing
  • love_stoyanova♡♡♡♡♡♡
  • hindeliciousWho makes this dress?
  • createthelifeyouwantThis is so awesome!!!
  • lo_and_behold7You are such an inspiration 💜 I wish my own WW journey had been as successful, but I'm still working on it 😊
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