• torahbrightTonight marks the beginning of the 2014 Olympic Games. I am at these Olympics for multiple reason. Firstly, to represent my country and share with the world the sport which has blessed my life with beauty and joy. I am also here to honor my great friend Sarah Burke who left this world two years ago. I ride with a Sarah sticker on my snowboard and helmet always. The IOC however, consider Sarah stickers "a political statement" and have banned them. WOW. Sarah is a beautiful, talented, powerful women, who's spirit inspires me still. She is a big reason why skier pipe/slope are now Olympic events.
    Lastly, My dear friends lost their first born yesterday. Neena and Andy your strength overwhelms me. More than anything, I wish I was there with you, to support you in love, as you have done for me through my own hardships. I will draw from your strength and do what I need to do.
    With an aching heart, I board... For your beautiful Indira.

  • millan_hFor Sarah💜✌️ These Olympics are dedicated for her❄️🙏
  • salshirvoooRIP Sarah 💛❄️. Best of Luck tonight Torah!!
  • dr3wpySuch an great role model Torah. Our young girls were watching you do your best tonight and taking it all in. So proud of your effort. #inspiration
  • celcollectiveWell done today Torah! Keep going and have fun riding! There's nothing else more important than that right? ;)
  • looloowestGo Torah! What an inspiration 😊
  • 2013rockrulesJust keep strong, Torah keep Sarah Burke memory alive in your heart. Then the Russian mob can't do a darn thing about it.
  • montuckeynd#DoneGoodKIDDO #NEXT #FORWARD
  • careeemAbout to be on that 100k
  • spangelJust rock it, put it on after inspection. Honor Sarah!
  • kirstie_firthBless. Xx
  • angust_incFuck ioc
  • utahisrad❤️
  • lipswriter123Bless.Xx
  • victoria.papeI am doing a school project on u
  • kirstanneiamHi Ms Bright. I am so sorr that the IOC is doing this. It isn't right. Please know that I will be thinking of Sarah as I watch the event and cheer ALL of you on. I will make my own sticker for Sarah and light a candle for her and for your friends. You are very brave and I wish you nothing but the best!
  • ninjaknitta#ISkiForSarah - the IOC is in the wrong. There's no better stage to celebrate and remember Sarah than the Olympics.
  • curlyandcleverWe love you so much for honouring Sarah. <3 Even if only in your heart.
  • tana________@sherryflash The olympic committee isn't Russian and there isn't an excuse for what they're doing.
  • sherryflash@tanalikesfrogs if you think the IOC is truly making those decisions, well, you have lots of life lessons to learn still. There is an extension of the IOC, called the OCOG, which is temporary and responsible for the Olympic Games in a particular location. That group is most likely all Russian, and would definitely have had a say in a decision about what is or isn't a "political statement." And, the IOC is not above taking a bribe... If the Russians don't want things to be political, they will find a way to make it how they want it. I am not making excuses for anybody, in particular a historically brutal and unfair government.
  • millan_hFor Sarah💜
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