Would you rather: Make snow angels or sandcastles? #PreserverSeries
  • otterboxWould you rather: Make snow angels or sandcastles? #PreserverSeries

  • 3nricky@otterbox
  • vickilordSand Castles 🐚🐚🐚
  • sgaughan35As a girl from Pennsylvania who moved to Georgia snow angles ❄️ most definitely!
  • conroypoultnaySorry read it wrong Sand Castles !
  • reecie_05Sand castles
  • nickm157@otterbox Try SHOVELING it.
  • otterbox@3nricky Thanks for the feedback!
  • flappybirdhackreal@otterbox I have 5 cases for my 5S and I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Will y'all follow me?
  • otterbox@flappybirdhackreal That's awesome! Thank you so much for the support!
  • rebeccaschneider5Aww man, I just got an Otterbox armer series. Didn't know about this case yet. But my armer series case is amazing, thanks
  • griffindubloisAre your case made in usa or China
  • carter.hansonOk so, I just got my preserver case like 4 weeks ago when it came out! All of the green rubber part is turning a gross brown color! I called otterbox to complain and they said that I probably did something I it! I did absolutely nothing except out my case on my phone and I had it on for 3 weeks! To spend this much money on a case and have this happen, is rediculous! I would like to know what's happening to my case!!! @otterbox
  • otterbox@rebeccaschneider_01 The Armor Series is a solid case. We're glad you like it!
  • otterbox@s_stacks16 As soon as the contest is over! We'll keep you updated.
  • otterbox@griffin_dublois_19 We manufacture our product in the US mostly. However, some manufacturing is done in other countries, including China.
  • otterbox@carter_hanson7 Sorry about that! We'd be happy to take care of you. Please email us at socialmediacs@otterbox.com
  • harmon_14Ok got the armor case and love being able to take it under water and we go to the beach a lot and I drop it in the sand not a drop in it..way to go @otterbox
  • otterbox@harmon_14 We're glad you're loving it!
  • yellowman540Well how about apple iPhone 5s??? We need that ape case too, no love. Thinking of going to another brand for the ultimate protection!!!!!
  • victoriavioletaSand castles!
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