She could have stayed in the #Netherlands, but Katie chose to serve in the #Israel #Navy instead
  • israel_defense_forcesShe could have stayed in the #Netherlands, but Katie chose to serve in the #Israel #Navy instead

  • mia.etWhore
  • na.slimShe should have stayed there
  • livholtzHaha look at all these butt ugly Muslim women calling her a whore because she believes different and is 100x hotter than them 😂 only thing they can say against her. What a weak excuse. Just to prove Hamas brutality, the men talking about raping her (she's pretty) and blowing her head off. Wake up people!!
  • nicolekuijt#goholland
  • hautestuff11@ugh.livia totally agree!
  • jonasenrique2@jhoanmar18
  • val.valentine@ugh.livia agree
  • brenna.cliffordGood Choice Katie!
  • juliaborokhovShe's so pretty inside and out
  • j0umanaa@outrageous.olivia wowowo baby u should fucking respect muslims we muslims are not ugly butts okay?u should feel ashamed standing next to her stupid fucking decision to be an IDF solider or whtever.She may look fucking stunning/pretty from outside but shes not from inside killing innocent people isnt cool at all.God doesnt judge people by their looks God judges a person from inside and thats why souls are taken up to god and bodies are left under ground.You should wake up!!
  • livholtzDid you not read the bottom half of the comment?!?!? You guys are the ones who are evil. Get your head out of those pallywood magazines and look at the truth. It's actually pointless trying to argue with you because it seems that you only see and believe what you want to. Pretty ironic you would say that, considering you come from a religion that teaches that if someone doesn't convert to Islam, you should chop their heads off. @j0umanaa
  • j0umanaaWe muslims dont chop people heads if they dont convert to muslims.We just give advices to people who arent muslims.Before even typing anything just think of what do irael defense forces do to people in palestine?Just for a second go watch whats happening in palestine,how innocent children and old mothers are treated like animals,men are being killed like nothing is worth it.Israel arent even providing them with medical care.All i can say is that you have a reallly bad view of muslims. @outrageous.olivia
  • sam_zekeTiesittekö että Israelin armeija on yksi harvoista jonne pääsee palvelemaan kuka vaan osaamatta edes kieltä? @norajohanna_a @suuvih_ @__cherrypie__97 @humahemuli @ellakatriiah @helliiina @roosa_katariiina Seuratkaa tätä sivua :)
  • _________________________tnha_Fuck you
  • hmangkokPornstar excort girl of israel
  • thomaspauull😍😍😍😍😍
  • antoniosaavedracaresBendiciones
  • da_lil_fee_fee@j0umanaa salaam sister انت جميلة
  • hmangkokFuck that girl
  • mariacharseeWhat's her last name?
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