Lol.. Kids say the darnedest things
  • illyalLol.. Kids say the darnedest things

  • kel_cm_robertsWait....what? When have you ever glorified any of those drugs? Is he on one or all of them as we speak!? I think he hit up the wrong page #justsayin
  • ontoppmediaHe was actually after illy coffee company... Silly boy
  • britthancock_I'd still love you even if you were a crack head. #leaveillyalone
  • lachyshaw@kel_cm_roberts in opening night (first song off cinematic) illy says 'white lines for breakfast' correct me if im wrong but I am quite sure that is a reference to cocaine.. In saying this illy rarely ever has lyrics about drugs and is a great role model for all
  • necronatHAHAHAHAHHA @toptop095
  • jasminelynv93Why don't you all just shut the f&@*# up and appreciate what the message he is trying to convey is. Today's society has normalised the use of drugs, today's youth thinks it's okay to have some gas here and there, have ecstasy every weekend. It's become the norm, the fucking 'cool' thing to do. I see it everyday, we all do, but most of us don't give a fuck.
  • lachyshaw@claresciberras I don't really understand what you're trying to say in your comment at all, but I think it should be stated that I love illy, own all his albums and have seen him live twice. I just don't think people should say things that are incorrect
  • clare.andbearApologies @lachyshaw, think it's just a misunderstanding.
  • kylieab31I love when people go nuts and abuse people doing well for themselves. As if illy gives a shit about his haters and illy, if ur reading this just know this.....a lion doesnt concern himself with the opinions of a sheep. Love u man 💕
  • wallwadeYou all need to chill out. Twirl the pipe, rip a line, blaze a joint. Quit your judgements c*nts. you've made your point. Times have changed, just ask Bob Dylan, so tell me this isn't @illyal what you're feelin?
  • bree__elstonThat shit cray
  • bree__elston👊
  • kel_cm_roberts@lachyshaw to be honest babe, I've got no idea. I don't know all the lyrics to his songs. I follow Illy as a public figure for the hip hop community more than anything else, because I really admire him and appreciate hearing what he has to say. I've met him before and he was the loveliest person. He has my respect. I just meant that I've never seen him post (on social media) anything positive about drugs like that.
  • iiamwingsThis.
  • notoriousb.m.wThink he got u and 360 mixed up
  • a1exwebbChdkaieisidi
  • a1exwebbCunt
  • zachcottaWere you the first person to like it?
  • kaylagracee_Spot on!!👊
  • staceyleigh_👌 @illyal
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