Truck time at Pebble Beach w/ @ScottyCameron Tour Rep Kelley Moser. A few minor tweaks and we're ready to roll. #TeamTitleist
  • titleistTruck time at Pebble Beach w/ @ScottyCameron Tour Rep Kelley Moser. A few minor tweaks and we're ready to roll. #TeamTitleist

  • kbcooking@mike1filler like the old adage goes if you want things done right you gotta do it yourself
  • stevengoodman9U guys really need to do raffles!!! @titleist
  • easymoneymike_True. Just gotta spend a lot of extra money and time to get it right. @kbcooking
  • kbcooking@mike1filler hope you got a break on the price since you ordered them off the shelf sort to speak
  • easymoneymike_Well I did but not because of that titleist doesn't take the price down for that but I got them at a really good price because I play in college and our school has a titleist account so I get wedges at 51.00 and the 714 irons for 400.00 so I just decided to invest the money I'm saving into getting the clubs built right @kbcooking
  • noble_little02How do I have t do to get a job working for titileist?
  • kbcooking@mike1filler good job...that's how you do it!!
  • easymoneymike_You know it can't never pay retail. Lol @kbcooking
  • spencersmytheSwear that looks like Adam Scott. Haha @golfchannel
  • c_rv_I'm guessing that there is a degree or two of difference depending on the method and machine used to measure these to mention human error/interpretation. But whatever makes you happy! It's your money.
  • easymoneymike_It really doesn't matter if you order it custom or off the rack the actual specs of it are most likely gonna be different then what it says on the shaft label. It's this way because of titleist is a mass production company and the tolerances for there specs is not good because of how much equipment they produce. Only way to find out for sure Is to have it checked by someone that knows what they are doing @kW ehlus
  • easymoneymike_@kwehlus
  • kbcooking@mike1filler do you think that is true of the other major club makers as well?
  • easymoneymike_Yes definitely for all of them, I've heard titleist is especially bad and ping is one of the better ones but all of them are like that because of the amount of stuff they produce , and not many people realize it cause they never have there clubs checked after they get them @kbcooking
  • noellezoebeijer😍😍😍😍
  • epat03@noble_little02 spelling the company name correctly would be a start
  • mmarcusleescotty futura x dual balance
  • greenwayjtI thought the same thing.. haha @spencersmythe. @golfchannel
  • noble_little02Thanks for going through and checking my spelling bro @realunclepat glad to see people have that much time on there hands that there checking spelling on instagram comments.
  • justinhorn72I was in that truck Monday at the masters got to meet jimmy walker rickie folwer bill haas and jay haas
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