Today's "recovery" lecture. Everything costs. Everyone must pay.
  • bobbymaximusToday's "recovery" lecture. Everything costs. Everyone must pay.

  • coalitionyesThis is great.
  • sandyr31How much does diet impact this lecture?
  • bobbymaximus@sandyr31 a good diet sets the table for adequate recovery.
  • sandyr31Thanks @bobbymaximus following you and gym jones is completely changing this Scots attitude to fitness.
  • gasperakSort of amazing to me how many people just don't understand I/O in training. Crap in = Crap out.
  • gkeoganWhat about contrast showers?
  • phillip_washburn@bobbymaximus any advice for myself? I suffered a lisfranc fracture no weight bearing on my left foot. Anythig I can do to keep or rebuild my cardio levels and strength levels. Maybe upper body AD training or something.
  • zeveneshgood shyt, homie!
  • mattbevan_Interesting @mulhern99
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