Champion Sound wit di man dem call Zilla! Jr Gong Seen! #Creation nuff respect to the crew BlessUp! #WHEEL!!!
  • lupefiascoChampion Sound wit di man dem call Zilla! Jr Gong Seen! #Creation nuff respect to the crew BlessUp! #WHEEL!!!

  • chahtams@LupeFiasc You gonna got us mad jonesing for this
  • talented_tenth_2018Where is Lupe The killa
  • mihavit@lupefiasco should I expect a track with u and Jr Gong on ur up coming album?
  • adrianob86I said it 2 years ago I'd love to see a song with gong and Lupe. Hope it happens
  • thedigitalphoenixRespect deh mon
  • missyinternational😳😳👍🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
  • matheosgMaaaaaaaad
  • chloeferroUr amazing look at what I just posted
  • maddog4572LUPE!!!🔊🔊🔊
  • newtype_motorsport_proj@lupefiasco LUPE & JRGONG my fave modern artists!
  • jvmvicaJouniour gongzilla
  • corbino84Lupe and everybody Hip-Hop AD! Is on Soundcloud plz listen if like that then check out corbin immortal and I am spirit also soundcloud thanks
  • facecordeWhat up homie long time no hear my nigga
  • frassfyahIn need of BIG CHUUNE! Line it up kings, blessed love
  • djfrecks313✊✌️
  • weareleftistMasha'Allah ✊
  • cedwa39🎶🎶This one is for the leaders!! Lets all change the world (change the world)🎶🎶 -D Marley
  • xtradeaccounts._Lupe , hey just letting you know you are a big influence in my rap career and my life. I'm following the motivated and dedicated crowd and keeping my head up and out of trouble. I have this new song called "Unreal" where I kinda let it be known that you can achieve any goal without letting people down you and doubt your greatness !! It's a very great song and mostly unlike most Chicago music. @lupefiasco can you take a quick listen to it on my page and even in my bio big bro 🙏🙏 stay blessed
  • joydiditHey I'm a loctician if you need me! We roc u In my salon all day!
  • eshinaiomiMASSIVE! 🔊🔊🔊
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