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  • nbcdaysWe can’t thank you enough for the support! #OneMillionDAYS

  • dramamama418Bring back Bo!!!!!!!!!
  • pattytro16I've been watching you since I was 13- love you like an old friend! Ps love my miracle bracelet too
  • draylrnClassic beauty. You are Days of Our Lives. We love you Hope!
  • mamawjulsLove Bo. Where is he??? Hope is awesome
  • l_tiller611Love Hope, but she's not the same without Bo. Bring Bo back!
  • crazydanisa@laura_tiller611 I agree with you 100% considering he's mentioned so much!!
  • borijloI luv U Hope...such an amazing actress I have been watching Days for the past 26yrs & will 4ever do so
  • brrrcaI love u don't you miss Bo?
  • simplykekeI met you in Jackson MS and you really are a sweet person!!
  • valveshrineI Love Days and been watching since we were in our teens.Congrats!
  • sendya19Love days
  • wassano4You are so welcome best show on tv!
  • wassano4Love days !
  • lavigne_ahope i love her ;)
  • loving_my_big_daddyI been watching days our lives ever since a was a teenager
  • mysunnyskiesSo pretty!
  • sandandcindyA million your welcomes. Keep bringing it!!!!
  • alison721I love love love this show since I was in elementary school. Why are they killing off Bo?
  • lin333.bWas so upset when Bo died 😂like crazy!!
  • siddharthini_wiltonKeep it coming if you need ideas just ask all of us I bet we would some that even you didn't think of so need an ideas just ask. @nbcdays
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