#Lime #socamonarch #Carnival2k14 #Trinidad #ISM2014 Tonite!!!! @damiendw @theboriskodjoe @nicolearip & yours truly !!! ❤️
  • therealtahiry#Lime #socamonarch #Carnival2k14 #Trinidad #ISM2014 Tonite!!!! @damiendw @theboriskodjoe @nicolearip & yours truly !!! ❤️

  • jennr0se_Why on earth would u wear a black bra with that dress no sense
  • ima_damn_divaU look very fashionable, the black top made ur outfit more interesting! FASHION is clearly something ppl know nothing of! Lol😘
  • harlemz_pocahontas@therealtahiry u met Boris omg he's so sexyyyyy 😱😍
  • mzz_d@therealtahiry it irked me, np... I usually don't do that lml @thereallexiejose Aooowww I got a response ctfu... hahahaha have a good day ladies!
  • envyllafaneMaybe black and white.
  • trinigyalkaliWhy you bitches so salty leave @therealtahiry let her have fun so because she's from DR means she gotta be there every time they have a holiday steupsssss if uh here to be a hater UNFOLLOW her fat ass an let her be with her loyal fans who appreciates her no matter what.... @therealtahiry we enjoyed your company at beach house yesterday nuff love to you at least u didn't have security with u acting like u better than us. Now put on rolley pollen or some kerwin an shake uh ass Fuh these haters Trinidad posse love uh
  • therealtahiry@trinigyalkali 😂😂😂😂 thx girl 😘
  • msshawn81@therealtahiry I hope your having a great time, enjoy your trip! Kiss Boris for me lol! :)
  • _sincerelychelleBoris playin with his life in all that clothes! I die whenever I go home (cus it's so hot) so I know he's dying too!
  • joesnumber1@therealtahiry You look beautiful and happy Boo. Keep being you. U deserve the best! Have fun enjoy life!
  • cuddlebunni4uIts an honor period to have other islands /country experience n love our culture
  • quweinaloveThat's my Boss in the middle: Acting Prime Minister, Errol McLeod @therealtahiry 👏
  • leydi_luckReally? All this because she didnt go to DR??! All this hate because shes being an atypical (look it up) dominican who wants to broaden her horizons and see other parts of the world?! Im dominican n it bothers me to see my ppl be so narrow minded and only stick to what they know! Most dominicans that live here in ny have NEVER been to the Empire State Building or the Freedom Tower! Shes not forgetting where shes from. In case you dont know she has a foundation in DR that helps children Corazones Anaranjados. @therealtahiry gozate tus cuartos mami que esos son tuyos and wear whatever tf u want cuz nobody here buys your clothes!! God bless
  • dj_stylist@mzz_d @its_miss_butter_pecan @trinigyalkali well said ladies!!! #Trini love you ♡ @therealtahiry ... have fun and ENJOY it to the fullest!!!
  • ap.x0@leydi_luck well said! 👍 I'm Trinidadian and my boyfriend is Dominican and we get so many stares because people look at us funny because I'm not Hispanic. We both have 2 amazing cultures and love learning about one another and I wish more people were as open as we are. @therealtahiry I'm happy to see you enjoy another cultures celebrations, carnival is amazing! Enjoy ❤️
  • anycks@therealtahiry Trinidadians love you! Hope you're back for carnival 2015...
  • iam_luciI don't understand why anyone should care about where she goes it's her business her money her life. She is not living you no you who have a problem and she doesn't need your permission. Carnival is every year it's not going anywhere. People please get a life live your own worry about self......
  • iam_luci@therealtahiry
  • chocolatecitypromoI saw you at lime
  • lichlikefish#teamtrini
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