Wanna Dance? #ViennaBall #Waltz
  • krisjennerWanna Dance? #ViennaBall #Waltz

  • meezouSo beautiful
  • agnesg191gmailcomHaterz u gat to shut up and leave the kadashians alone
  • kathtrenoBeauty doesn't equal class and accepting money to be an escort is as classless as it gets.
  • therealqueencitydivaDamn it's packed. LOL
  • pserrano76Wow
  • rcunningham03You guys are ignorant and a liar. If someone offered you 500k to go to a dance/ball for the night. You wouldn't think twice. Get over yourself.
  • kelly_wilson78@krisjenner wow you have no shame, @kimkardashian is happily engaged but you still gotta pimp her out to get your 10%, why don't you just fuck off and let kim be happy with her family. She obviously wants to settle down, but you won't stop. Your a money hungry bitch. I guess it's time for you to move on to the jenner kids now, fresh meat and fresh $$$ for you. You are a disgrace.
  • faattayIf someone offered me 500k to go to a ball with him id go. Lol, i dont care who he is or what he is. As long as i aint doing shit
  • wownoshita room full of people that hate u
  • aamberryanYes I would lyk 2 @hannahinghm
  • lil.roseeeI don't see any black people lol
  • fara7alsamaraieامشو نروح والله نضيع هناك محد يلكانه @ranoalzaidi @doaashihab
  • andrew_louis90@bosss.bee blacks don't belong in Europe! They don't dance the waltz they twerk! We don't want blacks in Europe
  • lil.roseee@lutfi_andrew That's extremely racist and completely ignorant. Yes, many black people portray themselves in a displeasing manner but that doesn't mean all black people act the same. I surely dont. And why are you even commenting after 10 weeks? No one cares what you have to say especially if you're going to be stereotypical and racist! So take your childish comments elsewhere. Someone needs to teach you that just because we're of the same race doesn't mean we act alike. Don't categorize us. Educate yourself because many black people dance other types of dances besides twerking.
  • lil.roseee@lutfi_andrew and if black people bother you so much then don't associate with us. It's better for you to keep your mouth shut than to talk about them (and piss them off) when they have done nothing to you. You are just ignorant and may God help you.
  • furtadommari@lutfi_andrew we are all the same inside. Stop being so fuckin arrogant 👎
  • thesuperspartan@furtadommari @vanity.x you must be knew to the internet
  • lil.roseee@fatman1995 what exactly does that mean? you know what i don't even want to know. just keep your comments to yourself fatman.
  • thesuperspartan@vanity.x it's simply a judgement on my part. The internet is open to all types of opinion.
  • thesuperspartan@vanity.x it's simply a judgement on my part. The internet is open to all types of opinion.
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