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  • trailblazers#InstaVid @aldridge_12 surprises @ripcityunited member Steve Dilley for renewing his season tickets early! #RipCity

  • _joannawDang you get all that for renewing your tickets early?
  • jguin87Why don't they give season tix away to kids and people that can't afford them?
  • mallorrreee@lily_moment @__adel__ look for me in this video. I'm wearing blue.
  • juliaann20What about the poor people?!?!
  • thestevenmyersAdidas gear at Nike WHQ...smh
  • thestevenmyers@acefaaace yep, this is know. It just sticks out around here
  • ladywinks@juliaann20 I'm with you on that one. Makes no sense smh
  • sam_andrew_So kind @shaunak_mishra
  • juliaann20Actually....what about the people who work their life away and still can only afford the nose bleed sections?!?!?! @ladywinks @lalalorat
  • jkell27@lalalorat @ladywinks so what about poor people?!? I was poor growing up never considered going to a blazer game growing up a "right" that I deserved. I worked hard to achieve something that now I can go to blazer games. I still can't afford season tickets but I'm not envious of those who can. The blazers do tons of humanitarian outreach and there are resources for "poor people" to see blazer players. @juliaann20 why Didn't you take some "poor people" to France as is evident on your picture?
  • brt_bobbyrayServed ^^
  • prettymilktonyHow often does this happen if your seats are 300 level?
  • cholawitchI think it's also important to recognize that for many folk w/o proper support or resources it can be damn near impossible to break the cycle of poverty. Some people do get out of it either by their own accord or by using assistance offered to them. For example someone who does not fluently speak English may have a more difficult time escaping poverty in a America than someone they does. However there is always more work to do, and that's not to minimize the work that's already don't but rather so we, collectively as a society do not get complacent. I definitely want to commend you for your drive and motivation! I don't want to argue or create any hospitality between any fellow blazers fan and myself because all I care about is lifting our team up and making it to the playoffs!! #GoBlazers @jkell27
  • juliaann20@jkell27 Yes I did go to Europe! Thank you for noticing! I saved money for a year so I could go visit my brother who is stationed in Germany. Please step off your soapbox. I just think its a bit silly to give a rich season ticket holder a present rather than recognizing the loyal fans who try to get to as many games as possible.
  • lily_momentI see you @ma1_1ory !
  • shaunakmishragreat person @sam_andrew_
  • jkell27@juliaann20 you, my friend were on the soap box first ... Vilifying the perceived "rich." I am just saying that this man, like you, could've saved his money for the year to do something that he loves like you did for your European vacation. Someone could see your "extravagant" vacation and easily vilify you just like you did, do judge carefully! #ripcity
  • juliaann20@jkell27 You, my friend, took my comment way too seriously. I have now wasted far to much time on this ridiculous post.
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