Mr. @GusKenworthy paid a visit to the #Freeskier office today. We're sending him home with a blow-up cover of the 2014 Photo Annual; the shot, by @NateAbbott, stars Gus, @JossiWells and @JohnniePaxson.
  • freeskiermagazineMr. @GusKenworthy paid a visit to the #Freeskier office today. We're sending him home with a blow-up cover of the 2014 Photo Annual; the shot, by @NateAbbott, stars Gus, @JossiWells and @JohnniePaxson.

  • nateabbott@Guskenworthy
  • nateabbottThank you, Gus! (And @JohnniePaxson, @JossiWells, @MtBachelor, @Nike and @PeteAlport!)
  • dillonlaaksoBallin
  • julicornelpb@guskenworthy can you turn my blue button in green please (and I say please) to make someone else smiling on the planet ?
  • johnniepaxsonHaha sick!!! I guess mines in the mail then huh? Haha
  • zac.willWhy is there a snowboarded on the cover of a free skiing magazine?😂
  • abattycakes@the_zdubb Probably because Freeskiing wouldn't exist if it weren't for the technological, resort and cultural advances pushed forward by snowboarding. Also notice how they all form a 'peace' symbol? It would behoove you to learn the history of snowsports before you mock a powerful, rad cover image. As both a snowboarder and a skier, I'm proud of the collaborative history between the two sports. You should be, too.
  • richieconroyFree skiing would 100% still exist without snowboarding either way. If you want to use that flawed logic then you can easily turn around and say snowboarding would never have grown Or existed from skiing in the 80's. It's a give and take and comes full circle repeatedly
  • zac.will@battycakes801 I wasn't mocking it though? It was an honest question. And snowboarding wouldn't have even been a thought if it weren't for skiing in the first place. A snowboarding magazine would be sick at the thought of a skier on the cover of one of their magazines.
  • abattycakes@richieconroy Who can really say? But without radial sidecut, poly side walls and twin tips, it wouldn't exist in its current form. And those are all thanks to snowboarding. 👍 However, snowboarding exists because of innovators who once skied, and that's why the cycle of respect and honest acknowledgement should exist. We're all in this together. @the_zdubb And I gave you an honest answer, regardless of what another magazine would or should or could feel. @freeskiermagazine chose to go with this cover, and I applaud their choice of bridging the gap, because the gap between the two sports only exists in the one space we control: our minds. It's time to move past this, and instead, understand our mutual history and be glad those ties exist. We should celebrate our similarities AND our differences.
  • bcoff_Gettin pretty heated up here^^^^^^
  • sumneryounglol @b_coffin
  • aleighhoweGirls rule boys drool
  • byjm.s@battycakes801 how could you say freeskiing wouldnt exist without snowboarding? It would exist even if snowboarding was never a thought.
  • abattycakes@cobb____ Reading comprehension, sweetie. 😉 I said 'in its current form' and 'without radial sidecut, poly sidewalls and twin tips'... Which it wouldn't. Google the 1992 skis. Shit, just google any 1998 ski. Or 2002. As much as some of us might hate to acknowledge where our most of our current technology (and parks and style and outerwear) came from, it happened. It existed, and claiming that snowboarding didn't contribute to the current state of skiing is like Donald Trump claiming climate change is a hoax. 😂
  • abattycakes@aleighhowe Damn straight. Also: @freeskiermagazine, sorry to flood your comments. Social media fail.
  • jonnyklemchuk@battycakes801 ...or his hair isn't Paris Hilton's merkin.
  • iandloveandyoupet🎿❤🐶🙌!
  • reddison1@aleighhowe with the Instagram version of #dropsmic
  • pete_alportglad @freeskiermagazine had the balls to choose this photo 🙌
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