"They forsook the Lord and worshipped the Baal and the Ashtaroth." Judges 2:13 #God #bible #prophecy #history
  • thothandmaatmarried"They forsook the Lord and worshipped the Baal and the Ashtaroth." Judges 2:13 #God #bible #prophecy #history

  • talkinsnakeHistory?
  • thothandmaatmarriedDo you dispute the historical reality that the ancient Israelites frequently regressed and worshiped the Canaanite nature deities? @talkinsnake
  • talkinsnakeI'm not educated enough to have an opinion. One day maybe. 😉
  • talkinsnakeI mean on this particular subject.
  • thothandmaatmarriedThe difference between worshiping an abstract, invisible deity vs worshiping Pagan nature gods is the main theme that the Bible depicts. It's the pattern that repeats throughout it. Secularists and Christian fundamentalists usually don't get this and the Bible just confuses them as a result. @talkinsnake
  • thothandmaatmarried@jenmoorexky angels and aliens are the same thing. Aleister Crowley and other Occultists have methods for invoking both and they work. These are just masks of a phenomenon we don't yet understand.
  • craftypaulaTo me the Old Testament depiction if deity seems pretty concrete: He has a Voice, He has feelings of anger and jealousy, he demands physical sacrifices... God does not seem abstract to me until you get to the New Testament.
  • craftypaula*OF Deity
  • thothandmaatmarried@craftypaula have you ever explored Jewish mysticism? The Torah looks totally different when read through an esoteric lens. I am studying Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed and have included Kabbalah-inspired rituals in my practice.
  • craftypaula@thothandmaatmarried Hmmm, I have not explored deeply, but enough to know that you have a point. I was responding more from my early studies of the Bible as a Fundamentalist Christian.
  • thothandmaatmarriedThe big mistake the Fundamentalist Christians make is that they read the Old Testament through the lens of the New Testament instead of vice versa. They focus too much on Jesus and end up idolizing his image and the fuzzy feelings he gives them. @craftypaula I've learned a lot about the Bible and life in recent years by reading it through Orthodox Jewish and mystic lenses.
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