This is the wild pig I shot at Tejon Ranch hunting with @StevenRinella Tejon Ranch is an awesome place just 1 1/2 hours outside Los Angeles
  • joeroganThis is the wild pig I shot at Tejon Ranch hunting with @StevenRinella Tejon Ranch is an awesome place just 1 1/2 hours outside Los Angeles

  • chris.paxton.739Mmmmmm looks tasty lol
  • erickson_110@twinter321 I bet you eat meat where does that come from... slaughterhouses and hunting! If you dont eat meat then there is something wrong with you im 13 for god sake
  • erickson_110@twinter321 good point ill give you that but you are not going to achieve full growth from being a vegetarian its a proven fact you need the proteins that meat has plants just taste good and while i am still a minor i know a lot about my life and plus if you dont like it keep your beliefs to yourself no one wants to hear your beliefs because they are bullshit stop saying its animal cruelty because everyone did it! The first people in the world hunted and gathered fruit
  • stevemedel1775Ya'll niggas both retarded ... Animals are meant to be cherished ?? Man that's the gayest shit I ever heard, and I went to Pride this year... Animals are meant to b eaten.. Literally .. By humans and by other animals .. Cause yeah dipshit we are animals .. Smarter animals and if other predators are hungry and we're stuck , they're gonna eat too @twinter321
  • fanjoysfitness@vteclol
  • vteclol@fanjeezy was probably on some serious DMT
  • jcpina19@joeroganexperience that's awesome dude! Getting your own meat, that's the way to go. I bet that big ass hog was tasty as fuck
  • dread_wolf_You're the man joe!
  • senecahamilton@joeroganexperience I got a friends ranch here we can blow em up with. Dang things are taking over
  • haterproofjamesHe looks tasty!
  • jimbosr12@joeroganexperience, have you heard about scrub Bulls? They are essentially feral domestic cows in Australia that are now hunted for sport, like a feral hog. I feel like you and/or Rinella were wondering if cows would go feral if left alone, now I guess we know
  • loganicHey ! Followed your career from the beginning , truly apreceat your truth and path . You ever like come hunt some big boars Big island got the spots and goofy good fun friends .
  • jacktkenney@p_k8
  • fnh8u@chirpt707
  • mikerhodes93@rizoblack1 damn!!!
  • wamstravelsMurder! Slow roasted delicious murder!!!!
  • t.con_@nadiakeynejad jyhiiiijhtttoi
  • life_of_a_ham@derekdots @juantwothree_13 damn mm' let's do this
  • brendster26You are what you eat
  • stormlopez14@f1smoothy
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